Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gloucester, VA Courts - More Questionable Documents?

In our last article, we discussed how the local Gloucester County Courts failed to give Due Process in this case, now we are going to explore further issues with documents coming from our local courts.  For one thing, Holli M Cohoon now has a change on this form that was not in her original Emergency Protective Order.  Before she claimed she was afraid for her life and that of her families life as well.  Now we see that she is just concerned for herself.

  In the Emergency Protective Order, the form said weapons involved.  This form makes no claims about weapons.  What we are seeing here is a flip flopping of Holli M Cohoon's concept of concern.  Makes you wonder.  We had legal council look over this form and the original Emergency Protective order and he thought it very odd the change in the way the order was changed, how the order was changed and how it even went to a second order.

He also had some very serious concerns with the judge's signature.  The section in the form pictured here is where the judge sign's the form.  What is made on this form is commonly refereed to as a peasant's mark.  A peasant's mark dates back in history for peasant's who were illiterate and just created a mark in place of their name.  When this is done, a judge is supposed to have a stamp showing the judge's name on the document so everyone knows who authorized it.

  A peasant's mark is acceptable as a way to sign documents, but overlooking that stamp when one does this is suspect.  You can click on the form and it will open to a larger document that you can read.  It's also interesting to note that this document has a valid time and date stamp that was electronically added. The time and date stamp reads 5:07 PM and dated for July 26th, 2012.  This is exactly what the original search warrant lacked that is at the very front of this argument.  Is the link to read the full story on how all of this began.

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