Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spinning The Trilateral Secret Government of Gloucester, VA

If we were asked to spin a story on the Trilateral secret government of Gloucester, how would we do it?  First we would belittle the notion that there was any such thing and that it is all the crazy idea of a local deranged person.  We would talk about all the positive works that the three groups under the Trilateral secret government have done for the county.

  We would say that we were opening up all the books and records to public inspection for anyone to take a look at as there is nothing to hide.  We would spin the concept of Gloucester County Officials being on the boards of these 3 non profit private enterprises has only been a positive thing.  (Even though it is considered a violation of law as we know it).  We would also point out that these organizations and the county share common goals.  We would deny and wrong doing and that any secret meetings or back room deals have ever happened or would ever happen.

  That is how we would spin this.  It would be with a lot of news stories on all the wonderful things, events, ideas, and past successes that have made Gloucester County a better place.  We do not deny that the three organizations have made positive contributions to the community.  The real problems exist in the closed secret meetings that of course they would deny but are required to have.  You do not have open public board meetings for private entities.

  There is no way to prove that secret back room deals have not been made.  It is very clear that the county is promoting the agenda of these three organizations.  A clear violation of the public trust and a very serious threat to the entire county. That's the spin.  How would you spin it?

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