Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Readers Respond To Gloucester Main Street Village New Site

One of our readers has just sent us a response to a recent story.  It's about our new web site, Gloucester Main Street Village.

"So you show the not so nice side of Main Street ... fine. What is the story behind the buildings that do not look so good. Why not write about the background to the buildings not blatantly misrepresent a good thing such as the community wide trash pick up with orange bags.

You could be performing a good community service with this site and instead you chose this sophmoric action.

You have heard from me before ... on the Animal Control ordinance."

First off, thank you again for taking the time to comment on our work.  We do appreciate it.  Second, we think you will find the answer to your comment on the post just below this one and we believe it will be an answer that is more than you bargained for.  You can not begin to understand the pain that this type of research causes all of us.  We keep unraveling unbelievable crap that sickens us to the bones and at times does make us physically sick.  What is the future you want for all our children, our grand children, our future generations?  What kind of community do you wish to live in?  Do you want government officials that can come into your home whenever they feel like it, take whatever they want and then do to you and your family whatever they want to?  

  That isn't what we want.  Let's look at good community service.  We are aware of an individual who tried to produce post cards for the county as he noticed that the county lacked them.  It's great for tourism.  He approached the county about producing post cards for the county.  The county said no thanks, they produce their own.  What is government doing producing goods that is supposed to be the domain of private industry hence locking out private industry from even being able to produce?  You can not compete against the government.  

  The government has no business competing against private businesses.  Yet Gloucester County is doing just that.  Locking out private enterprise.  That is big government getting bigger and more dangerous.  By the way, the government official who told this person that the government produced their own post cards and were not interested in private industry competition was no other than Hilton Snowdon, one of the people involved below in a major conflict of interest with his county job and private non profit board status with the Gloucester Main Street Association.  Hope that answers your concern.  Thank you again for the comment.

  Oh wait, the orange bag thing.  The county found a bunch of suckers to clean up the trash produced by major corporations who spend billions convincing us we need their garbage and then blame us because the crap they produce does not break down?  Great plan.  Another sucker buys the cool aid and drinks freely.  Like I said, it's trash left in by the building.

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