Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gloucester, VA's Trilateral Secret Government Now Exposed

Gloucester, VA's very own Trilateral secret government is now exposed.  This is shear conspiracy and it is now safe to say that there can now be no public trust of our county government.  It has been fully compromised by special interests.  We posted the news last night how Louise Theberge, Chairperson of the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors is also a board member on the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust.  This is beyond a conflict of interest and now there is no way of telling just where Gloucester County government begins or where it ends.

This means that secret meetings that concern county government can and most likely are going on behind closed doors and that secret deals are being made that no one outside those rooms will ever know about.  That means full deniability exists for any accusations for wrong doing can be made because there is no way to prove it because those meetings were closed.

  This means that Gloucester's own special interests now control your tax dollars and can use it to enrich themselves.  There is no way to tell just how many county officials have been compromised.  We know that several board members have as well as numerous officials just based on the video clip we posted last night.

  Expect full deniability that any kind of wrong doing is going on. Expect only a positive spin to be created around this if they ever even bother to discuss it.  No one is going to shoot themselves or each other in the head.  You won't read about this in the local paper either as we would highly suggest that they are part of the partnership.  You have to control the local media to stay out of the lime light and to also create positive news stories around it all.

  This also means that you have no chance of getting anything put through the county that the Trilateralist's do not approve of.  There is no way of knowing then who really controls the government in the county other than special interests.

  Could it be that the reason for the new proposed water and sewage fees that the county wants passed against the citizens to free up the general fund is so that the general fund will have more money to be raided by the special interests?  It's a fair question at this point.  The special interests are composed of a local well know construction company, well known lawyers, and well known suppliers.

  Lets meet the Trilateral Secret Government Again.  At the top of the snake is the Cook Foundation.  Next is the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust.  Third in line is the Gloucester Main Street Association.  That is the peeking order.  Again we have to ask, what is the purpose of three non profit groups all getting involved in promoting anything in the county if there is no money involved in it?  There has to be a profit motive.  Why would any private non profit entity want to promote bringing in new business into the county unless there was money to be made from doing so?

  There is money to be made from doing so and that is by taking over sections of the local government and playing a third party roll in all of it.  Setting up secret sweetheart deals that provide kickback donations?  You really need to look at the web sites of these entities and read between the lines.  In general, they are not at all logical.

Here are the links;  The Cook Foundation  Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust  Gloucester Main Street Association

  The Gloucester Main Street Association still has facts about Gloucester County that are wrong on their site.  Gloucester is not the Daffodil Capital of the world.  Never has been and is not likely to ever be.  Yet somehow the county has managed to steal the name as a title only.  Holland is the world's largest producer of the bulbs and England is the world's largest producer of cut Daffodils as well as using Daffodils for making medicine.  Gloucester County is also not Virginia's oldest living village.  Gloucester is an offspring of York County.  So Gloucester is older how?  But then again these people make up their own rules, their own laws and whatever else benefits them even when they violate state laws.

  They are more than happy to make up ways to prosecute you when they are the ones who should be prosecuted.  We don't make this stuff up.  It's all there right in front of you.  Watch their videos and read who is on certain boards.  It''s as plain as the nose on your face that you do not see until you look in the mirror.

  These people think they have a right to do this and that you are nothing more than cattle.  Welcome to the real world.

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