Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gloucester, VA - Local Government Officials Don't Even Follow Their Own Laws?  This is a link to Gloucester, VA municode where local ordinances are listed for the entire county.  The specific link above is for required landscaping.  In the above picture, the white building to the left is the Gloucester County garage.  Why have they not followed their own ordinances in landscaping?

  We have county officials who drive county vehicles at taxpayer expense to run personal errands, officials who do not follow their own codes, officials who are involved in what appears to be serious conflicts of interest playing roles on multiple public boards, officials who initiate poor public sidewalk designs that hurt local businesses, officials that violate the Dillon Rule and make up their own ordinances as they go along, and these people want to raise your taxes to give each other raises?  It's not a democratic or republican party thing.  It's just county officials having a party at taxpayer expense.  They want to thank you for paying.

In this photo we have local businesses complying with local ordinances at a fairly hefty expense to the businesses.

In this photo we have PHA or Peninsula Heating and Air that looks like they are in violation of the ordinance.  In fact, the owner has been overheard bragging that he has no intention of ever complying as he thinks the ordinance is stupid.  Why are some businesses and the county allowed to not comply while others have to?

Are you tired of paying for their party yet?

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