Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gloucester, VA _ Weather Backwards

Weather Backwards seems to be what we have had this past winter.  This spring so far is proving to be nearly as strange.  The picture of the rainbow was shot at Christmas Time.  Warm day when we had a thunderstorm.  After the storm we had this incredible rainbow.  Looked like we were in for another mild winter.

After the rainbow disappeared we had some unusual colors in the sky.  The picture here is what we shot after the rainbow dissipated.

The Sunday just before the following Easter Sunday we had this nice big snowstorm. It was so heavy on a lot of the trees that branches came down in many areas.  Normally you want the snow for Christmas and the rainbow for Easter.  Weather Backwards.

Here is another picture taken on yet another Sunday late afternoon.  This was a bit of an unusual rainbow in the sky that seemed to be created by something to the left of the sun.  Everyone was trying to figure out what the reflection was on the far left in this picture.  The rainbow was only lightly defined.

Strange days and strange skies.  At least they make for interesting pictures.

Free MP3 download.  Bushbaby - "Fall Down" is the pick for this article.  Our way of saying thank you for spending time with us.

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