Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gloucester, VA - Parking Issues Along Gloucester Main Street Village

Part of the complaints we have been hearing are some of the parking along the Gloucester Main Street Village area has issues with where the light poles have been embedded into the sidewalks, next to the street causing a potential problem for passengers of motor vehicles to get out or back into their vehicles.

With small children, one can quickly have their door dented as children have a habit of just flinging open a passenger door in a hurry to get out.  If you are transporting a handicapped person, you will probably want to avoid these particular parking spaces by any of the street lights if you need the room to open a passenger door fully.

So that it is clear, the spot we parked in was a legal parking spot and pre defined by the white cross T line.  The T line is at the left of the rear of the vehicle in this picture.  This is just another example of the poor design and implementation work done on the Gloucester Main Street Village area that makes shopping local a real hassle.  In regards as to who is responsible if you dent your vehicle door?  It's on you.  The county is not responsible for any damage whatsoever, however, you could be held responsible for damages to the light pole if you should seriously harm it.  No it's not a two way street on this issue.

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