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Gloucester, VA - Cuccinelli Rules Conflict Of Interest. Complaints Of Party Politics Unwarranted - Gloucester Next?

Ken Cuccinelli (R)
Ken Cuccinelli (R) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you missed the article in the Daily Press on Sunday, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli ruled against both the Mayor and the deputy mayor of Hampton on being on dual public boards.  In the state of Virginia, it is forbidden.

  The really nasty part of the article is the complaints coming from Hampton officials charging Cuccinelli of playing party politics. Like it's some sort of democratic vs republican fight.  It's very simple and very clear, it's against the law.  It has nothing to do with party politics.  These officials got off easy.  They should have been investigated for potential criminal activity and charged with any findings.  Being told that they must get off the board without going through any investigation was an easy sentence.

Then the city officials have a meeting to see who's brother or sister they can appoint to the positions on the board of trustees at Fort Monroe right after being told they are out.  What a joke.  It has to make you sick that these corrupt officials are continuing to play the same game anyway.

  We have the same exact issue here in Gloucester.  Louise Theberge is representing two public offices.  She is the chairperson for the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors and on the board of the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust.  Is the link to the above page.  On that page you will see that the trust also manages the Gloucester Main Street shopping center.  The shopping center is a tax paying entity to Gloucester County.  With Louise Theberge on the board of both entities, the issues of conflicts of interest are very real.  In fact let's examine one.

This is a photo of the signboard for the Gloucester Main Street Shopping Center.  Managed by the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust.

This is a very recent photo of Edge Hill Shopping Center.  Edge Hill had to install this island because of new ordinances that require locations with new permits to come into compliance with Gloucester's beautification initiatives.

Exactly where are the islands for the Gloucester Main Street Shopping Center?  They too have had new permits for offices at this location.  Why is it they have not had to install islands here?  Is it because the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust is exempt from the same local ordinances?

If the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust is exempt from the same laws everyone else has to follow, how is that?  With Louise Theberge being on both boards, a serious conflict of interest could very well be at play.

Kudos to Ken Cuccinelli on his recent decision.  Now maybe he can do the same for Gloucester.

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