Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gloucester, VA - What The Main Street Preservation Trust Wants To Waste Your Money On

We just looked over the PDF on the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust site.  You need to see what they want to waste your money on.  It's not all bad, but it's a lot of garbage in many of the suggestions.  We did some brainstorming ourselves to see is we could come up with a plan that makes sense for Gloucester Businesses.  Yes we are aware that our recent posts have not been flattering to the business district.  We are not picking on the businesses though.  We are picking on the areas that are anti business to the local business owners.
This is the link to a slow loading PDF file for recommendations to the Gloucester Main Street Village.  Most of the plans are horrible.

  What do we propose that we think would be better?  Glad you asked.

Get rid of all on street parking along the Gloucester Main Street Business District.  Gloucester County would need to expand and open a viable parking lot along or around the historic circle at about where the county offices are presently located. That would be parking area 2.  Parking area 1 would be at the Gloucester Main Street Center.  Widen the sidewalks along the business district to actual usable walkways.  If the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust and the Gloucester Main Street Association are really serious about promoting business and businesses in the area, let them invest in trolleybuses to move people around the business district at regular intervals free of charge and not at taxpayer expense.

   As long as businesses are open, the trolleybuses are running.  This is a simple plan that would expand business in the area.  Who would not want to shop in an area that is like a vacation destination?  You could actually have businesses lined up waiting to come into the area if you build something along these lines.  It works very well across the river in Yorktown.  But you have to believe that both Gloucester County government along with the Gloucester County Triad have the best interests of businesses in mind or if they are just paying lip service to the idea.

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