Saturday, September 7, 2013

One Thousand Dollar Contest Giveaway, Gloucester, Virginia Links and News

Congratulations, you won.  Here is your very own one thousand dollars.  Now do not go spending this all in one place or all at one time.  But by all means, get something nice for yourself.  What can you do with this?  Start your own eBank, send it out as a donation to your favorite charity or politician.  Pay online bills with it.  Bribe people with it.  Start your own ecommerce site.  Send it to friends as a birthday present.  We are sure you can think of plenty of other clever things to do with it as well.

  Not many people have ever seen a one thousand dollar bill.  You can get them, but they have to be used for something like a gift and then given back to the bank.  They can not be spent or used in any stores or to buy any goods.  When you give them back to the bank, you exchange it for regular currency.  You do not lose the value, just the daily use.  Besides, how many places can give you change for this?

  What you can not do with this.  It's a digital image, it has no actual value, only a perceived value and as an image, it's very low.  It's here more for fun than anything else.  It's actually our free Art of the day.

  Do not try and print this and use it.  We did not post the back for a very clear reason.  We do not want anyone getting into legal trouble over something meant for fun.  But hey, if you need more than one thousand dollars, make more copies until you have enough cash.  Become an Internet millionaire.  Cool.
Created by Jason Hise with Maya and Macromedia...
Created by Jason Hise with Maya and Macromedia Fireworks. A 3D projection of a 5-cell performing a simple rotation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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