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The Start of Eugenics, Charles Darwin, On The Origin of Species

Charles Darwin
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"But with regard to the material world, we can at least go so far as this—we can perceive that events are brought about not by insulated interpositions of Divine power, exerted in each particular case, but by the establishment of general laws."
"To conclude, therefore, let no man out of a weak conceit of sobriety, or an ill-applied moderation, think or maintain, that a man can search too far or be too well studied in the book of God's word, or in the book of God's works; divinity or philosophy; but rather let men endeavour an endless progress or proficience in both."

When on board H.M.S. 'Beagle,' as naturalist, I was much struck with certain facts in the distribution of the inhabitants of South America, and in the geological relations of the present to the past inhabitants of that continent. These facts seemed to me to throw some light on the origin of species—that mystery of mysteries, as it has been called by one of our greatest philosophers. On my return home, it occurred to me, in 1837, that something might perhaps be made out on this question by patiently accumulating and reflecting on all sorts of facts which could possibly have any bearing on it. After five years' work I allowed myself to speculate on the subject, and drew up some short notes; these I enlarged in 1844 into a sketch of the conclusions, which then seemed to me probable: from that period to the present day I have steadily pursued the same object. I hope that I may be excused for entering on these personal details, as I give them to show that I have not been hasty in coming to a decision.

My work is now nearly finished; but as it will take me two or three more years to complete it, and as my health is far from strong, I have been urged to publish this Abstract. I have more especially been induced to do this, as Mr. Wallace, who is now studying the natural history of the Malay archipelago, has arrived at almost exactly the same general conclusions that I have on the origin of species. Last year he sent to me a memoir on this subject, with a request that I would forward it to Sir Charles Lyell, who sent it to the Linnean Society, and it is published in the third volume of the Journal of that Society. Sir C. Lyell and Dr. Hooker, who both knew of my work—the latter having read my sketch of 1844—honoured me by thinking it advisable to publish, with Mr. Wallace's excellent memoir, some brief extracts from my manuscripts.

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Charles Darwin On The Origin of Species from Chuck Thompson

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The origin of Eugenics begins with Charles Darwin and Charles Darwin's work begins here.  What is troubling about all of this are several issues.

One:  Charles Darwin was perverted.  He married his own cousin.

Two:  Although I would have a tendency to agree with the theory as it relates to animals, I can not support the same for humans.  It does not account for the human spirit nor the soul of man, or woman for that matter.  Strong in strength, is not a promise of strong in character or mind.  Muscle bound idiots abound yet rarely is it seen the intellectual that makes oneself muscle bound.  Though the combination does exist, it is rare.

  To make a case for breeding a superhuman race, it has always been in the air, but history has shown it to be a farce and a vision that can not be mastered.  Yet we have many who subscribe to such delusions and will continue to try to attain the superhuman race anyway.

Now what we have found very interesting, Charles Darwin is not shown anywhere to have been a member of any of the popular secret societies, but he comes from a very long line of secret society members including his grandfather and father.  His works are without question, promoted by the secret societies.  Is Eugenics a science?  More like the mad insanity of science fiction.  Only works in books.  Not real life.  More to come. 
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