Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Liberty's Kids 2, The Intolerable Act - Battle of the Hook Pre Launch

We are once again hosting the entire Liberty's kids video series as part of our celebration pre launch to the upcoming Gloucester, Virginia Battle of the Hook re enactment.  This is something history buffs who can afford the time off and able to travel will not want to miss as there has never been a battle reenactment like the one coming up.  With 20 ships expected for sea battles, 1,500 soldiers, 20 to 35 horses for cavalry battles, an incredible amount of ammunition already committed to the event, nowhere else has a reenactment of such grand scale ever been produced.  Gloucester is only about a 30 minute drive from Williamsburg, a jump across the bridge from Yorktown, about 1 hour from Richmond and about 4 hours from Washington, DC.

 Warren Deal who is one of the members of the planning committee has been doing an outstanding job on this living history project as has everyone else who has been working hard at getting the entire project to full fruition.  Mr Deal has been one of Gloucester's most outspoken and best historians of the area and greatly appreciated.

Battle of the Hook from Chuck Thompson

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