Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gloucester, VA Officials Honor Animal Cruelty Criminal?

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It's a sad day when you see something like this.  The chair of the Gloucester County, Virginia Board of Supervisor's, Louise Theberge, honoring a person whom we had just shown to be one of Gloucester County's biggest criminals in our view.  A person who was responsible for protecting animals in Gloucester but has been shown to actually be abusing animals in a very cruel and inhumane manner, according to Gloucester County Animal Control Ordinances, as shown in a previous post prior to this meeting, which we know the Board of Supervisors saw before this meeting, as we sent them the post link as well as a PDF version of the story.  The post based on Gloucester Animal Control's own laws and pictures showing how they do not follow their own codes.

  What next?  Why not just open all the jail cell doors and let all the other criminals out and give them all county government jobs with letters of recognition for their contributions to the community?  Actually, when you see this kind of behavior, you have to wonder if the criminals in the jails are criminals or just people who got sucker punched by a corrupt system?  This is what you see in a dictatorship.  Does Louise Theberge consider herself a dictator?  It looks that way.

Here is the PDF version of the story sent to a large list of Gloucester and other government officials a day before this meeting.

The above PDF file is 9 pages long.  To read the story in full screen mode, just left click the icon at the very bottom right hand side of the SlideShare container.  To escape full screen mode, just hit your escape key on your keyboard.

But then again, these are the same people who allow their employees to run all over the county, in government vehicles, using those vehicles for personal use against county policy and all at taxpayer expenses.  And of course during this board meeting, you see how these same people could care less about raising your taxes save a few minor arguments.  Someone has to fund all of this nonsense.  Since it's our tax dollars, can anyone just call the county and get a ride to wherever they need to go?  A taxi service since that is what county employees are already doing anyway?  Seems fair to us if they are going to continue to abuse the system at every turn.
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