Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors Meeting Video September, 2013

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Here is the Gloucester, Virginia Board of Supervisors meeting video for September, 2013 in full.  We would like to point out one thing that the board does right.  They start their meetings out with a prayer.  We could care less what the lousy lawyers over at the ACLU say or do, this is the proper way to start meetings and we are going to give you some very interesting facts that not even the ACLU lawyers have ever seen before.

  Historically speaking, by starting out public meetings with prayer, you significantly reduce to near eliminating the chance for riots.  You have set the tone for a moral and ethical way that people should conduct themselves.  Now it's not to say that those behind the board seats are going to act morally or ethically, but the tone for the meeting has been set.

  Where prayer has not been allowed, there have been much higher incidences of riots and physical fighting.  It has been shown people are less likely to behave in an unethical manner when a minister is around.  Police, no one cares.  They will fight with the police as fast as with each other.  No one is going to start a fight with a minister though unless that minister is and has shown to be unethical himself.  You have a better chance of maintaining order with a minister in the chambers than with riot police.

  Now a question should be asked, is the ACLU aware of this?  If they are, they are without question unethical and need to be shut down.  If they are not, then this information needs to be shown to them and argued to shut them up on this issue.  Sorry folks, we are taking back our country, you can leave if you do not like it.

  Some other interesting historical facts.  Back in the days of our founding fathers, late 18th century, (That's 1770's and 1780's for those who have no clue), religion was compulsory while education was voluntary.  Today education is compulsory while religion is voluntary.  Today ethics is highly questioned throughout the world, while there is no question that the quality of education is in the toilet.  There are more illiterate adults now than ever before in history percentage wise.  Anyone understand the message here?

  Now of course we keep beating on county officials for what they are doing wrong, in our view, but we must also point out what they are doing right and support those areas and at any cost where need be.  We fully support this area of opening each and every board meeting with prayer and should anyone come along to attack it, we will be there to fight that attack to the fullest extent.

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