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Gloucester, VA School Information You Didn't Know

Page Middle School was slated for potential demolition months before a tornado came through and took care of the issue for the county.

  The Gloucester, VA school board had already submitted proposals to replace the then present Page Middle School to the Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors in September, 2010.  The tornado didn't take out the school until Saturday, April 16th, 2011 or 7 months later.  The estimated costs that the school board proposed to the county board of supervisors?  Nearly 70 million dollars for a new Page Middle School construction.  Makes the now present 26 million look cheap.  In fact, here is what is really strange.  Renovations to Page were also looked at and the stated figures, unjustified, were over 22 million dollars for repairs and upgrades.  Again, we state, unjustified estimates.

  What is very disturbing is the more we dig into the background of what is going on, we are not getting answers to a lot of questions, we are getting even more disturbing questions.  Expected capital expenditures for 2013 as calculated back in 2010 was nearly 6 million dollars for new roofs, HVAC and buses.  Guess what though, 2014 already had more  HVAC repairs and buses replacements calculated at another near 6 million dollars.  2015, 5.5 million dollars and 2016?  Near 9 million dollars for HVAC replacements.  Does this mean we need more bonds?

  So why are we funding HVAC replacements with bonds?  When you look at the 2010 capital replacement plan for 2012 through 2016, there was nothing budgeted for TC Walker school.  So it looks like the TC Walker school was already Slated for closing back during that period and was already a long range goal.  Just so you can see these figures for yourself, we have made that report available below.

Gloucester, VA September 2010 BOS-SB Meeting from Chuck Thompson

You can open this report up to full screen view by left clicking the icon at the far bottom right hand side of the Slideshare container above.
The above link is another way to view the Cross Board of Supervisors and School Board meeting information from September 21st, 2010.  You can also download copies from either location.  Gloucester County has had the land where the new Page Middle School is slated to be built since 2004.  Tax map and ownership records.  Shows that the Gloucester, County School Board has had this land since November, 2004.  Link to WAVY TV10 story on tornado taking out the school in April, 2011.

  More to come.

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