Thursday, October 10, 2013

American Civil War, The Monitor vs Merrimac Sea Battle

English: Monitor, Union warship, as drawn by S...
English: Monitor, Union warship, as drawn by Samuel Ward Stanton. Shown in combat with Confederate armored steam ram Merrimac, also known as Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
History has been a big part of this site for some time now.  Especially Virginia history and we continue this tradition by bringing you history in a way that others simply do not.  We do not try to rewrite history.  It's already been written a long time ago by others and so we present older history books that themselves are now a part of history.  The book we are presenting today is a book written over 100 years ago.  Much closer to the time period of the actual event.  This book below was published in 1907.  It has not been subjected to revisionists for changes to make anyone feel good or bad.

We allow free downloads of this book from our Slideshare site.  You will either have to sign in with a Facebook account or LinkedIn account or you can create a free account on Slideshare to get the download.  If you deal with PDF's or create presentations, you will find the service they provide invaluable.  We also use Scribed but prefer Slideshare as our main hosting provider.

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