Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gloucester, VA Page Middles School Dis Service Announcement 3

Below is information direct from county records.  It shows what county citizens recommended to county officials in regards as to what to do about the Page Middle School.  As we all know, county officials have shown everyone in the county that they could care less what the input from the citizens are.  They are going to do what ever they want and were only going through the check marks of what they are required to do.

  No one wanted to see the new Page Middle School being built in the new swamp location.

Gloucester, VA Page Middel School Information from Chuck Thompson

The above link is another way to view the page above as well as download a copy if you so desire.  Downloads are available from both locations and embedding is also an option from both.  We made the PDF available online as well.  We have more to come.
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