Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gloucester, VA Government Employees Monday Report

Our report for Monday morning of Gloucester, VA employees abuses and breaking local and state laws is running late this week as meetings and other media issues were forced on us to take a front seat in our attention.

  So here is Monday's report.  Gloucester, VA animal control vehicle ,pictured here to the left, was seen driving through the parking lot around the Big Lot's area of the shopping center looking for someone with a camera.  He kept going through the middle of the parking lot looking at all the various vehicles.  He obviously did not see me over at the 7-Eleven.  What was really funny about the entire matter?  Animal Control officers overlooked a woman in a gold Sebring Chrysler convertible with a German Sheppard, unsecured, in the vehicle, with the top down on the vehicle.  So what?  Well in any other case we would agree, except Gloucester has an ordinance that makes this a very clear violation and one we have already argued is not a valid ordinance and have asked to have it removed from the books.  The county has refused to remove it from the books and state that the ordinance is in accordance to state law.  Then why didn't they enforce it here?  Did they violate their oath to uphold county and state laws?  Or did they violate upholding an ordinance they know is a violation?

  Now what really concerns me is that his looking for me was personal and not business use of a government vehicle.  Animal Control personnel are obviously concerned with being caught violating the laws and want the reporting to stop.  How is this county business?

Our boy here, Mr Happy meals on wheels made his Monday morning appearance in the same shopping center for the same reason.  He did not stop for his morning happy meal.  He just drove through the lot looking for someone with a camera.  What is interesting to note, he was caught on both Monday morning last week and again on Friday morning last week and here this past Monday, he is still driving around using a county vehicle for his own personal use.  Officials have done nothing to stop employees from using county vehicles for personal use and even when it is reported to county officials, you still see these same people out continuing to do the same thing over and over and over again.

Only now county employees are looking for someone with a camera.  This is a very simple matter.  When county employees stop violating laws, we will stop taking pictures of them violating the laws.  If they start again, we will start again.  So the question remains.  Why can't county officials manage their employees?
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