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Thursday, March 28, 2019

All Gloucester Schools In Violation of The US Constitution

Gloucester schools and all schools across the country all operate in violation of the United States Constitution in our opinion.  And we are going to show you why.  Everyday parents are forced to put their children on a bus or walk them to school against the child's wishes and in many cases, against the will of the parents.  That's called kidnapping.  If parents don't send the child or children to school, the parents get into trouble with some crazy claim that they are damaging their children.
(By:  Steven Blume)

There is no provision in the United States Constitution that provides for this.  Children are then imprisoned for hours against their will and forced to work without compensation in violation of the 13th amendment which clearly reads as follows.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Please explain what crime a child has committed that subjects them to such cruel and unusual punishment?  Children are then normally sent home after hours of incarceration to be further punished with what is referred to as homework.  Again, what crime have they committed?  It's called education but is it really?  It's indoctrination and propaganda mixed with some education so that those who run these enterprises can confuse folks into saying it's education.  Money is extorted from the masses of local citizens, many against their will, to support this criminal activity.  Here is what James Madison said about the powers of congress regarding the Constitution.

  So according to Madison, our government does not have a right to take our children from us and tax us for what government these days calls education.  So where does the power come from?

The right to a free public education is found in the various state constitutions and not in the federal constitution. Every state has a provision in its constitution, commonly called the "education article," that guarantees some form of free public education, usually through the twelfth grade. The federal constitution, on the other hand, contains no such guarantee. In San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriquez, the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 held that education is not a "fundamental right" under the U.S. Constitution. Thus, as a matter of constitutional law, the founding fathers left it to the states to decide whether to provide an education or not and, if deciding to provide one, determine at what level of quality.

The Federal government involvement comes from the so called spending clause, which again, referring to Madison, Congress simply does not have.  For more on what the states are doing, check the link here.

  And, the state's constitutions were not originally set up that way.  Therefore they can and should be considered null and void.  If you are sick and tired of paying for insane indoctrination policies being put on the youth of this nation that have already been proven dangerous, take action.  Stop sending your children to these decrepit institutes of degradation.  Home school.  You do not have to follow their agenda on home schooling either.  Teach your children civics, their natural rights.   No state has the right to take your children at any time for any reason.  Your children are your property.  Government has no say in that area.  Free education was a socialist policy that was allowed into our society and has had crippling negative effects ever since.  Here is a great resource for the birth of government controlled education and it's nasty foundings.  It's foundation, morally bankrupt.  That trend has only continued with great fervor.  It's time for a new war on education, or the end of government controlled indoctrination.  

Friday, May 1, 2015

Are Teachers In Gloucester, Virginia Being Paid Enough?

If you have been watching the local Board of Supervisors meeting about the present budget or watching the school board meetings, there is always a cry that the county is under funding the school board and that teachers simply are not getting the pay they deserve.

  What are the real facts about this claim?  From the looks of it: teachers are paid above a living wage.  For years it was always claimed that teachers were not being paid enough money and that what they were being paid fell below or at best was just barely a minimum living wage.  A living wage has nothing to do with minimum wages in general.  A living wage in the present economy is about $45,000.00 per year.  Anything above that level allows a better standard of living.

The present pay for teachers in Gloucester is an average of over $49,000.00 per year which is above the $45,000.00 level allowing for an above minimum living wage for their positions.  Assistant principles and principles in my view are way overpaid for their positions exceeding $86,000.00 for the average Principle here in Gloucester and above $60,000.00 for assistant principles affording comfortable living wages for these folks.  If they are not making it on those salaries, then they have serious cash management issues they personally need to address.

  School programs have all been cut to bare bones while pay for teachers, assistant principle, principles and the tremendous bloat of administrative personnel runs rampant.  It has now become more advantageous to work in the public sector than to work in the private sector.  A complete inversion of the way it used to be for well over a century.

2014 2015 Virginia Teachers Salary Report from Chuck Thompson

The above information shows where we got our numbers from used in this article.  So the next time you hear anyone complaining that teachers are not being paid enough and that the school board needs more money, you need to stop and ask a lot of questions.  Who is making the claim?  Why are they making that claim?  What is that claim based on?  How are they justifying those claims?

  When it comes to playing with numbers: anyone can play with the figures to make them say anything they want them to say.  I can always justify why I do not have enough money at anytime for any reason.   The bigger the budget the easier it is to create the claim of shortage to meet the budget.  Inflating a budget is a very easy trick to pull as well.  

Monday, January 6, 2014

Gloucester, VA Officials Circumvent Discovery Throughout The County

Bad news for Gloucester County, Virginia officials.  Starting today, we are now publishing every private email address that the county uses to circumvent discovery in communications with each other.

  What does that mean?  We have discovered that a great deal of Gloucester County, Virginia officials and managers are using private email addresses in their communications that concern public county business.  They are hiding information from public discovery by doing this.  This has been an issue nationwide with politicians getting caught and busted for this exact activity.  We have no issues showing you who is doing this within the county as we continue to collect a list of those using a system that should never be done.  Even if these people have nothing to hide, they are circumventing discovery which means that they are hiding communications.  That is reason to believe they are not up and up in their dealings and are very suspect of wrong doing beyond circumventing discovery.   James J Orth.  Gloucester Board of Supervisors.  Charles Records, Gloucester School Board Member.  Another email address for Charles Records above.  Ben Kiser, The Kiser, Gloucester Superintendent of Schools.  Ann Burruss, Gloucester Schools.  Betty Jane Duncan - Gloucester Schools?  Carla Hook, Gloucester School Board member.  Kevin Smith,  Same as above.  2 email addresses.  Kimberly Hensley, Gloucester County Schools  - Randy Burak, Gloucester County Schools  Troy Anderson, Gloucester School Board

This is just our first list of people in Gloucester County, Virginia government who are circumventing discovery by using personal emails in place of county emails to conduct county business.  We have the original emails on file where these addresses came from.

Now all of these people know better.  Heck, one is even an attorney who, without question, knows better.  Now in fairness, JJ Orth, at the top of the list, it's his VIMS email address being used which is still subject to a certain degree of scrutiny for public view.  Each one of these people would seem to be in clear violation to the Freedom of Information act.  You have to ask what it is they are hiding.  Each one of these people should be made to expose everything in their personal email accounts since they have used these accounts for public business.  Do you think any of them will willingly do so?  We don't think so either.  More are coming.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gloucester, VA School Board, Benefits Corruption, (Part 10 of 10)

Armand A. Fusco, Ed.D.

About the Yankee Institute for Public Policy

The Yankee Institute for Public Policy, Inc. is a nonpartisan educational and research organization
founded more than two decades ago. Today, the Yankee Institute’s mission is to “promote
economic opportunity through lower taxes and new ideas for better government in Connecticut.”

Question 10: Benefits 
Do part-time employees pay a proportional share of their insurance benefits? If 
not, why not? Are retirees who are being paid their medical insurance by the 
school district entitled to the payments? Are there retirees listed who are 
deceased but still having their benefits paid? Is the list reviewed yearly to keep 
it updated? 
Background: School districts have a list of retirees whose benefits are 
paid either by the school district or the employee. Such lists have been shown 
to include retirees who are not entitled to the benefits, as well as retirees whose 
benefit are being paid even though they are deceased. 
Proposed Solution: An issue is whether a part-time employee should 
receive the same paid benefits as a full time employee. A part-time employee 
should be required to pay for a proportional share of their benefits. For 
example, a half-time employee should pay 50 percent of the benefit cost. 
 The retiree list must be reviewed each year to determine whether the 
payments are legitimate and whether the retiree is still living. 

School boards and administrators usually claim that 75 to 80 percent of 
their budget represents “fixed costs.” Taxpayers should never accept such a 
statement, because this is the biggest deceit of all. Such a statement assumes 
that every school employee is essential, that no consolidations can take place, 
all programs and services are efficient and effective, all resources are managed 
with quality guidelines, and every operation is managed with utmost efficiency. 
Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to any organization 
supported by taxpayer dollars -- and this is especially true of schools. 
 Therefore, these ten critical questions need be to given honest and 
meaningful answers, and then followed by appropriate action. 
School boards cannot do the job alone. If they were doing their jobs, 
School Corruption: Betrayal of Children and the Public Trust could not have been  written, and the evidence of rather shameful statistics of student results such as dropout rates, poor testing results, achievement gaps between white and 
minority students, and over 25,000 schools identified as failing would not exist. 
No amount of money will solve these and other school problems. It 
requires effective monitoring of school assets, human and financial resources, 
and programs and services. Unfortunately, such monitoring can only be 
effective if there is enough outside taxpayer knowledge and pressure to demand 
answers and action. 
 What taxpayers need to understand is that local boards have the power 
and obligation to adopt policies and practices to manage the school resources 
so that they are used wisely, honestly, and effectively, as well as protected from 
corrupt acts. No other approvals are needed for action on their part, but it 
does require education, training and courage. 

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gloucester, VA Schools, Petty Cash Funds, (Part 6 of 10)

Armand A. Fusco, Ed.D.

About the Yankee Institute for Public Policy

The Yankee Institute for Public Policy, Inc. is a nonpartisan educational and research organization
founded more than two decades ago. Today, the Yankee Institute’s mission is to “promote
economic opportunity through lower taxes and new ideas for better government in Connecticut.”

Question 6: Petty Cash Funds:
Who has control of each petty cash fund, in what amounts, and how are the 
funds monitored? 
Background: Such cash funds are usually distributed to managers, 
administrators, and sometimes teachers to take care of incidental expenses. 
Because they are cash funds, it is easy to misuse and misappropriate the 
Proposed Solution: Receipts must be submitted with an explanation 
when replacement dollars are requested. It is up to the finance officer to 
monitor the petty cash funds. A monthly accounting should also be submitted 
to the superintendent, and board chairman or board finance committee. 

Send this information to the school board and demand answers.  It's the only way to ensure your money is not being wasted.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gloucester, VA School Board - : Asset Management

Stopping School Corruption:  A Manual For Taxpayers.  By;  Armand A. Fusco, Ed.D.

Part one in a series of 10.  What we can learn from others.  From the Yankee Institute For Public Policy.

About the Yankee Institute for Public Policy 

The Yankee Institute for Public Policy, Inc. is a nonpartisan educational and research organization
founded more than two decades ago. Today, the Yankee Institute’s mission is to “promote
economic opportunity through lower taxes and new ideas for better government in Connecticut.”

Question 1.
Is there a comprehensive list of assets and an independent system in place to
regularly document the existence of each asset? Failure to have a list of
monitored assets is an indication that the school district does not believe it is
important to manage school resources responsibly.

Background: Most schools will not have an asset-management system in
place; and even if they do, it is probably not monitored effectively. If assets are
missing or stolen, they are simply replaced using taxpayer dollars. It is
unlikely that there is any accounting in budget-preparation documents that
asset replacements are needed because they cannot be located.

Proposed Solution: It is important to have a verification system in place
that documents the existence of each asset at the end of each year, and the
reason(s) for any missing asset(s). However, this must be done by independent,
on-the-spot inspections -- it cannot be done internally -- by a forensic
auditing committee (FAC) or taxpayer group.

The proper way to develop an asset-management system without cost is
to have a FAC/taxpayer group go through each purchase order to determine
what has been bought over the years. Using purchase-order documentation is
the only way to develop a credible list. A list prepared by any administrator
should never be accepted as accurate unless it has been verified by all
purchase-order numbers. The assets should then be identified by serial
numbers or other designations. Then the location of each asset needs to be
identified, and the person/department responsible indicated. In addition, the
board should be required to submit as part of any budget which asset items
being requested are the result of loss resulting from theft or other reasons.

Having an effective asset-management system in place will, in all
likelihood, document that all the assets will not be accounted for; further, the
only logical explanation for many missing items will be that they have been
stolen. This evidence should provide substantial and convincing evidence that
preventive action must be taken to better manage school resources.

This is part one of 10 for what we need here in Gloucester, Virginia to ensure we are being properly represented and not dealing with any serious issues.
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