Friday, November 21, 2014

Gloucester, Virginia: Steve Baranek Wasting Your Tax Dollars?

The question we are asking:  Is Steve Baranek, Chief Animal Control officer for Gloucester County wasting our tax dollars?  The reason we are asking this is because as of today, Novermber 21st, 2014 we have filed a complaint that he appears to have been conducting personal business while on county employment time.  The date in question is July 26th, 2014 where Steve was seen at the Tractor Supply yard sale in the Gloucester County Courthouse Area.  We have a picture of him at that event.

  Why was he at a yard sale?  Now Tractor Supply does provide their parking lot during most of the year for animal swap meets and an occasional yard sale where no animals are present.  On July 26th, 2014 the event in the Tractor Supply parking lot was a yard sale without any animals present.  Why was he even there?  He was in full uniform and driving a county vehicle just like the one pictured above.  Why is the county paying him to shop at a private event on private property?

Below is a copy of the complaint form we submitted and filed with the Director of Human Resources of Gloucester County local government.

Gloucester, Virginia Complaint Filing, Animal Control, Official 

In the above document there is a picture of Steven Baranek.  In the background one can see there are no animals at this event.  The complaint we filed with county officials and Human Resources is 2 pages as opposed to the one page above.  I added a true signature to the copy filed with Gloucester County to make the complaint official.  Why are Gloucester residents being expected to pay for county government employees to go shopping while on duty?  This is no different than if he was shopping inside Wal Mart while on duty.  This is an outrage for every resident in Gloucester who pays any form of taxes including shopping in any of the local stores.  It's an outrage to anyone who comes to Gloucester and shops as some of those tax dollars fund this kind of behavior as well.

  If you find this kind of behavior disturbing, please email the Board of Supervisors and tell them about it.  is the email address to the Board of Supervisors of Gloucester.  Let them know you DO NOT CONSENT to this kind of behavior by county employees wasting your tax dollars.  

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