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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Circuit Court Judge, Jeffery Shaw Admits Fraud?

Yesterday in Gloucester, Virginia Circuit Court, Judge Shaw challenged defense's council asking council if council had a license to practice law.  Council was very quick to respond that no one has a license to practice law.  No judge, no lawyer posses such an item.  Judge Shaw did not refute this.  It was made very clear in Circuit Court yesterday that no judge or no lawyer has a license to practice law despite Virginia statutes that state as follows: "§ 54.1-3904. Penalty for practicing without authority.
(By:  Liberty Law)

Any person who practices law without being authorized or licensed shall be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. A collection agency may refer debts to an attorney for collection with the creditor's approval of the referral and the fee arrangement and shall not be deemed to be engaged in the unauthorized practice of law. An attorney is permitted by the creditor's authorization to enter into such representation agreements".

  Well the above does state, authority, but for one, that is a violation of the 6th amendment, which reads as follows: "n all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence".   The assistance of council.  That does not at any point state, lawyer, attorney, member of the bar.  Council explained to Judge Shaw that council has congressional authority in the courts which I would suggest trumps any license.  Now a serious question, what does authorized mean?  The Virginia statute above does not make sense as it fails to explain authorization.  A violation of the creation of codes.  Therefore, the code does not stand.  It's a conflict of interest.

  So Judge Shaw said he would not permit council for the defense to be heard, in violation of the 1st Amendment, 4th amendment, 5th amendment, 6th amendment, 11th amendment and the 14th amendment.  Judge Shaw wanted a Bar membership number.  A bar membership number is nothing more than a club membership.  It is supported by attorney's for attorney's and is used as a violation in modern times to steal the rights of the people in the court system.  I would dare to say it's tantamount to fraud at it's highest levels and in direct violation of laws against monopolies, rico act and racketeering.  In fact, I have several friends who are lawyers.  I have asked several if there was actually any such thing as a license to practice law.  They answered, NO!  There is no such thing as a license to practice law.  It does not exist.  It is only in the statutes to confuse people.

  So no judge is licensed to practice law.  No lawyer is licensed to practice law.  They are only authorized to practice law?  Who gives such authorization?  Well, they do.  That folks is a monopoly, racketeering, and a violation of the RICO act.  It's also fraud because they never disclose this information to you in my opinion.  It's concealment.  It's premeditated with malice.  And to top this off?  It's done under the guise of justice, and protecting you?  Where is the justice?

  Ah, but this continues to get even better folks.  In the next article, I will go into detail of what I call crimes committed in Judge Shaw's court.  The case heard yesterday is part of the lawsuit against Judge Shaw, but he can not do anything about the lawsuit.  In fact, he made it much worse yesterday.  There will be another one based on what happened in his court.  (Why is it his court?  It belongs to the people.)

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Public Notice: Judge Jeffery W Shaw Lawsuit Update

An update on the lawsuit against Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey W Shaw.  Everyone is looking online to see where the lawsuit is posted.  We have been given permission to show the front page of the lawsuit because it isn't like any other lawsuit anyone has ever seen before.  We will not be publishing the entire brief so please do not ask or look for it.  Most will not understand how any of this works.  The front page only sets the stage for the filing.  This is a commercial lien.  It can not be sealed.  It can not be redacted.  And no one can understand how it all comes together without reading the brief in it's entirety.   Below is a copy of the front of the brief.

(By:  Liberty Law)

Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey W Shaw Lawsuit Update from Chuck Thompson

We have redacted the injured party's name from the above information.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Outrageous Court Order by Judge Sward of Portsmouth Virginia

What happens when you are acting pro se (your own defense) in a court in Virginia and you dare to question jurisdiction?  You get ordered to undergo a competency hearing.  Outrageous.  Absolutely OUTRAGEOUS!  In a Gloucester Virginia court case that in my own opinion is 100% predicated on fraud at every level this is just one more area where the courts are going beyond ridiculous.  It is my own opinion that the reason the courts are doing this is because of all the fraud involved in this case and the fact that they want to make sure that they do not get sued for all of their criminal activity.  Again, my opinion.  So where is the proof?  Let's take a look.

Challenge Jurisdiction? See What Happens Next from Chuck Thompson

What I need to point out in the above legal document in the above container is that at no time did the defendant ever communicate with the Commonwealth attorney's office that the defendant suffered PTSD.  That information is incorrect.  Also Commonwealth Assistant Attorney from Virginia Beach, Virginia states that defendant filed frivolous motions.  I have read those motions and did not find anything frivolous in them.  But I am not a BAR attorney.  Nor would I ever dream of wasting my time in becoming one.

  Here is what they do not want you to know however the defendant challenged jurisdiction.  All the courts throughout the US either have already or are presently having their jurisdiction challenged at every level by the National Liberty Alliance.  Please visit the link to see for yourself.  I would also recommend everyone join who is not an attorney or Judge to stop the criminal courts.  (Again, my opinion).  The NLA will not accept anyone who is a Judge or attorney into membership because they are part of the problem.

  If a revolution does occur in this country again, I believe it will be brought about by either the actions/inaction's of the courts in this country.  Not because of politics.  What I have been witnessing over the past few months is nothing short of showing me that the real criminals in this country are running the court systems and they do not dispense justice.  But let's look at some more facts.


Judge Sward's Outrageous Court Order, Portsmouth, VA Judge from Chuck Thompson

This order was created by Judge Sward of Portsmouth, Virginia and is not factual in my opinion as I was a witness to these proceedings and all the events that have occurred throughout the start of these actions.  I know every facet of the case as I have read every document and have done research in multiple areas in order to assist both the defendant and her husband has also been working on research to assist with her case.  We all have spent a vast amount of hours speaking on this subject and digging through everything we can find.

  Judge Sward stated that he did not see PTSD as an issue in the defendants case as any form of possible issue for her competency.  He denied her motions for dismissal but stated that defendant had some very valid points in those motions.  Witnesses to this case on this day can all testify that the defendant did not show a lack of competency for the defendant to continue to move forward.

    What is even worse is that Judge Sward heard no evidence other than from the prosecuting attorney, Wendy Alexander from Virginia Beach, that defendant filed frivolous motions that she later stated she refused to answer but that the motions contained valid points in regards to competency of the defendant.

  Wait, did anyone read that correctly?  Wendy Alexander stated she refused to answer the defendants motions as they were frivolous yet still stated that the motions had valid points.  Can anyone say corruption?  Judge Sward ignored these little facts.  The defendant had moved the court to have special prosecutor recused for a number of reasons that I consider very valid.  For one, in a previous hearing, Wendy Alexander pretty well called the defendant insane.  The defendant brought this up before judge Sward but he decided to give his interpretation on what Wendy Alexander meant by her statements without having been the judge in the hearing where Wendy Alexander made that specific statement.

  Now these actions are supposed to be in Circuit Court, but the court where Wendy Alexander made this statement was in a General District Court in front of Judge Shaw who had not yet been inaugurated into his position as a Circuit Court judge and there was not court reporter in the room and the defendant as well as several witnesses including myself were moved out of the actual Circuit Court courtroom where an actual court reporter was.  We were the only ones moved to the General District Court courtroom.  This was put together by Wendy Alexander with the aid of Holly Smith Gloucester, Virginia Commonwealth attorney.

  Now in my own view that was criminal intent with intent to commit fraud.  Wendy on January 27th, 2015 did not want a court reporter in the court.  Here is what happened in that courtroom before Judge Shaw that day.  First Wendy pretty well called the defendant insane and was arguing to put the defendant under evaluation then.  She then argued that she wanted to try the case right there on the spot.  Wait.  Who is the real insane person here?  Wendy first argued that the defendant was not competent to stand trial or defend herself and then Wendy wants to start a trial right on the spot.  Judge Shaw stopped her on the spot in that area.

  Now lets have some real fun.  The next action in this case is it moves to jury trial.  The defendant has never been identified by any of the judges in any of the 4 previous hearings, the defendant has never given a plea at anytime, the defendant has always contended that the court lacks jurisdiction and the courts continue to move forward anyway.  Wait, who are the criminals here?  The defendant has been accused of statutory violations that are so vague that even the supreme court has ruled that to be the case.  Plus, the courts have even stated that the statutes are not even violations under common law which Virginia Code, 1-200 states that all codes must be interpreted to the meaning of common law.  Plus this comes from West's annotated Virginia Code on the above so called statutory violations.  (Part of the research I helped with.)

  Even more hilarious but very sad and maddening is what Judge Sward also said during this hearing.  These motions have obviously been put together by someone with legal knowledge and skill but lacking a legal education.  I take that to mean that the defendant did not go to law school and is not a member of the BAR so that is an automatic disqualification and reason for a mental evaluation.  Again:  who are the criminals here?

  Oh, and have I mentioned that the Commonwealth has been withholding evidence from the defendant and stated in court that they would continue to withhold evidence from the defendant?  Not only that, but Judge Sward was asked about evidence provided to the court and if he saw the evidence.  He confessed he knew nothing about the evidence that was brought up in question and the two court clerks in the room looked at each other very surprised.  Why?  Was it because it was withheld from judge Sward?  He immediately ended the hearing after he admitted to not seeing the evidence or knowing anything about it.  I have to keep asking who the real criminals are here.

  Now Judge Sward came across as a nice guy, but he danced around the defendants questions and it was very clear to everyone who was there witnessing the hearing, that Judge Sward had no intention of allowing a fair hearing.  He even threatened the defendant with a revoking her bond and throwing her in jail if she did not consent to the psychiatric evaluation and that he would force compliance anyway.

  Let's also look at some other oddities of this particular hearing.  It was done as a stand alone hearing on a Thursday when all other Circuit Court business was conducted on Tuesday.  It was held in the basement in a hearing room.  No docket was posted and when we all asked for a copy of the docket in the Circuit Court clerks office, we were told that there was no Circuit Court cases being heard that day and there was no docket.  Others who were going to join us as witnesses were not able to find us in the hearing room as they were also told the same thing, there are no cases today.  We did get a copy of the days docket.  It states Circuit Court hearing to hear motions.  There was no court reporter at the front of the room.  No court reporter was sworn in after Judge Sward came into the room.  I believe I did recognize a court reporter in the back of the room who was only there witnessing the proceedings, and not taking any notes, so that the element could be covered.  But the element was not properly executed as required to be a court of record.  So that means this was once again a District Court proceeding done under the guise of a Circuit Court hearing and it was not public.

  Again, who are the criminals?   Oh this continues to get a lot more interesting but we are going to save that for other posts.       

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gloucester, Virginia More Retaliation Against Us From Officials (Part One)

Gloucester County officials continue their retaliation against us for daring to challenge what we see as their illegal ordinances.  In November, while we were arguing 3-18 animal control ordinance, showing that it has no match in state code, they had one of the people in our group arrested for, well, we don't really know what.

For those of you who remember the front page of the newspaper, Glo Quips or the story we had in the Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal, we argued about the legality of the ordinance 3-18.  We had 3-18 overturned and taken off the books, or so we thought, but to this day, the ordinance remains on the books of Gloucester County.  So it looks like officials have lied to us all yet again.


The above is one of the documents from Laura Fielder Crews who was arrested just after we left the Board of Supervisors meeting on November 5th, 2014.  To this day, none of us including Laura's attorney of record, understand these charges.  We understand the wording, but not the charges or why the charges are made.  They were made by Steve Baranek of Animal Control against LAURA FIELDER CREWS.  Who is LAURA FIELDER CREWS?  We know who Laura Fielder Crews is but have no idea who LAURA FIELDER CREWS is.  

  But that is still not the issue.  This is some sort of Grand Jury indictment.  So the information we are told can be withheld against the accused?  How does that work?  It's a complete violation of the American Justice System as it was laid out in the US Constitution.  (Yes, we know, the US Constitution no longer applies, or if properly argued, yes it does).  The US Constitution still applies to the people it just does not apply to legal fictions and some citizens.  

  We know this is in retaliation to all of the complaints we make on this site against Animal Control of Gloucester, Virginia.  This is what you can expect when you constantly speak out against what has all the appearance of corrupt government.  They figure out ways to put charges against someone within your organization and have them arrested as a warning.  Well we did not get that message to well.  

  The reason we have not been doing to much news on this site is because we have been doing a lot of research on the laws and what rights we the people actually have as well as what is really going on in the courts these days.

  Speaking of the courts, while we have been in the courts twice now because of this, we have seen first hand, that the courts here in Virginia, are run under Admiralty.  So we have quickly discovered that the 9th District Circuit Court is a court of Admiralty even though we are not at sea.  Two dead giveaways.  One, are the flags in the court.  They have gold Trim which are signs of Admiralty and also when the Bailiff was announcing the judge entering the chamber, he stated that the Judge is On Board.  That means you are in a court of Admiralty.

  You can not be charged in a court of Admiralty if you do not have some type of international contract that you are in fact a party to and also agreed to.  The courts do not want you to ever understand this however.  If you did know this, then you would also know how to get out of the charges against you.  So don't tell anyone about this.

  It's also why you do not have Constitutional rights in that court.  Admiralty is a court of the sea and the Constitution does not apply at sea.  Have we been duped?  Sure we have.  It's how they get over on you.  Time to put a stop to all of that now however.  Over the coming months we are going to show you ways to combat this corruption.

  This is only one tiny part of the overall battle.  There are a lot of parts to all of this and we are going to be covering a great deal of it.  We have to thank Animal Control for forcing us to learn all of this however.  And what we have learned will be able to help a great deal of people facing the courts in the future as well as in the present.  It has also shown us how to now turn everything against them.

  Watch for future stories as we show you the meaning of words used in the courts and in the Virginia courts.  These words do not mean what you think they mean.  Words such as person, individual, owner, all have meanings that are not at all what you think that they mean and we have the evidence for this.

  Now please keep in mind that we are not attorneys and can not give legal advice nor would we want to.  We prefer law to the legal system.  The legal system in our opinion is nothing but the color of law and has no real meaning.  It's a fiction.  A complete illusion that is corrupt and detrimental to the people.  It's why you never win in court.  You do not understand the rules they created.  Words you think mean one thing, mean something different than what you ever thought.  They are not speaking English as you understand it.  They also love to use confusion.

  What we keep reminding the officials of the county is that their employees are agents of them.  The actions of employees is no different than the actions of each one of them.  This is part one of a multi part story about how the county is retaliating against us for speaking out against what we see as continuing violations to our rights and freedoms.  The retaliation is our opinion of what is going on here, and if they can show evidence that it is not, we will be happy to share that information with everyone.  We have asked them that question already and they have refused to answer it.  What does that tell you.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Governor McDonnell Appoints Steven Frucci to Circuit Court

English: Governor of Virginia at CPAC in .
English: Governor of Virginia at CPAC in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
RICHMOND - Governor Bob McDonnell today announced the appointment of Judge Steven Frucci to the Second Judicial Circuit to fill a vacant circuit court positions that was not filled during the 2013 General Assembly session. According to Article VI, Section 7 of the Constitution of Virginia, Judge Frucci will “serve until thirty days after the commencement of the next session of the General Assembly.” Continued service on the Circuit Court will require election by the General Assembly.

            Speaking about the appointment, Governor McDonnell said, “Judge Frucci has served honorably on the Virginia Beach General District Court for several years.  He has developed a reputation as a fair and respected jurist, and I am pleased he will take this tradition of service to the circuit court.  I appreciate the many highly qualified candidates who expressed an interest in this vacancy for their willingness to serve the Commonwealth.”

Judge for the 2nd Judicial Circuit- Steven C. Frucci

Steven C. Frucci, was elected to the Virginia Beach General District Court by the General Assembly in 2009.  Prior to taking the bench, he worked in private practice for eighteen years throughout Hampton Roads in federal and state court, handling both trial and appellate matters.  He resides in Virginia Beach with his wife and two children.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Governor McDonnell Appoints Three Circuit Court Judges

Virginia General Assembly
Virginia General Assembly (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
RICHMOND - Governor Bob McDonnell today announced three judicial appointments to fill vacant circuit court positions that were not filled during the 2013 General Assembly session. Robert R. Sandwich, Jr., will fill the 5th Judicial Circuit, Stephen E. Sincavage will serve in the 20th Judicial Circuit, and Charles L. Ricketts, III, will serve in the 25th Judicial Circuit. According to Article VI, Section 7 of the Constitution of Virginia, these individuals will “serve until thirty days after the commencement of the next session of the General Assembly.” Continued service on the Circuit Court will require election by the General Assembly.

            Speaking about the appointments, Governor McDonnell said, “I am pleased to appoint these highly qualified individuals to the Circuit Court. Judge Ricketts has served with distinction on the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court for the last eight years, and both Sandwich and Sincavage have served their communities with distinction as prosecutors for many years.  All three are talented lawyers who will continue to serve the citizens of the Commonwealth well in these new roles.  They were selected from a pool of highly qualified candidates, whom I thank for an interest in serving the Commonwealth.  I am confident that all three of them will perform commendably in this new role, and it is with great pleasure that I appoint them to the Circuit Court.”

Judge for the 5th Judicial Circuit- Robert R. Sandwich, Jr.

Robert R. Sandwich, Jr., currently serves as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Suffolk and has served in a similar role for the City of Virginia Beach, the City of Norfolk, the City of Portsmouth, and also in the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit in Columbus, Georgia.  He has worked in private practice in the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas, handling a wide array of criminal and civil matters.  A Navy veteran, Sandwich resides in Suffolk with his wife.

Judge for the 20th Judicial Circuit- Stephen E. Sincavage

Stephen E. Sincavage has served as a prosecutor in the Commonwealth’s Attorney Office for Loudoun County for the last sixteen years, the last five as Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney.  He previously served as a Law Clerk to two circuit judges in the 20th Judicial Circuit. A native of Northern Virginia, Sincavage resides in Ashburn with his wife and daughter.

Judge for the 25th Judicial Circuit- Charles L. Ricketts, III

Charles L. Ricketts, III, was appointed to the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in the 25th Judicial District and subsequently elected by the Virginia General Assembly in 2006 and reelected in 2012.  For many years prior to taking the bench, he worked in private practice in Waynesboro, handling a variety of civil matters in state and federal courts.  He also served as the Mayor for the City of Waynesboro for eight years.  He and his wife reside in Waynesboro and have two grown children.
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

911 Dispatcher Liability?

911 Dispatcher Liability?

As we have shown in our last article, the testimony from Holli M Cohoon falls way short and inaccurate. There are legal liabilities for giving false and misleading testimony in a court of law, especially when said testimony proves to harm any person against whom the false testimony was given. Holli may just find herself working the rest of her life to pay restitution for the harm caused, and reporting and accounting for every dollar she earns every month.

Arrangements have been made to forgive any and all potential damages in exchange for her true and accurate testimony. This is a very short time offer as her testimony isn't really needed. She has two weeks from today's date to come forward. After the two week period, all bets are off.