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Friday, January 9, 2015

Are The Courts Fair? Are You Getting A Fair Trial? Can You Beat The System?

Letters To Authorities, Robert Arthur Menard 

Now all of this information comes out of Canada, however, their system really is not all that different than ours here in the US.  Our system as well as their legal system come from England.  So the differences are not all that much.

  2015 is a year we are dedicating to exploring real solutions to today's problems.  People everywhere are now pushing back from what looks like unbridled corruption at every level of government.  We will be looking at every tool we can to help as many as possible to understand what is really going on and how you may wish to protect yourself from potential harm.

  Everyone knows that there are many issue that are very wrong.  Very few can ever seem to put their fingers on what those real issues are.  We have found a number of sound arguments of what is wrong and what you can do about it.

  Other sites only complain of issues, we are dedicated to finding solutions for everyone to use.  Now that is a major difference.  When was the last time you saw the news and they showed you how to protect yourself from potential corruption?  Very rare and the solutions?  You have to question the answers they gave.

  What life used to be like in the United States no longer exists.  What happened?  Everything we used to know has been replaced with something else.  If you decide to learn the real deal, there is no turning back.  Your life will be changed forever.  We make no apologies for that.

  All of the above information is not considered legal advice or information.  That is part of the corruption in our opinion.  It may be considered lawful information when you dig through it.  What is the difference between legal and lawful?  Everything.  Time to start learning.

  We also want to take a moment to thank Robert Arthur: Menard for all of his hard work and sharing.  Robert gave us permission to re publish and share his book above.  You can download a free copy of it on our Slideshare site.  This is Robert's website where you can get more information on what is going on.  He has some free eBooks on there as well.  We signed up for his free newsletter.  Expect to see more from this man on this site.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Governor McAuliffe Announces 25 New Jobs in Warren County

~ Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods to invest $1.8 million in first Virginia operation ~

RICHMOND - Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that Canada-based Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods will invest $1.8 million to establish its first Virginia operation in Warren County. The company, which established its first U.S. entity in Vermont in 2009, imports the highest quality of fruits and vegetables and assembles and distributes them across the U.S. The project will create 25 new jobs.

Speaking about today’s announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “Attracting new businesses to Virginia is essential to building a new Virginia economy, and we are thrilled to add Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods to the roster of more than 750 internationally-based companies that call the Commonwealth home. With close proximity to the Virginia Inland Port, Warren County offers ideal logistics to this company expanding its footprint in the U.S. market and distributing its project across the nation. Global companies continue to choose Virginia for our world-class business environment, high-quality workforce and transportation infrastructure, and we will continue to leverage our outstanding assets.”

“Today we welcome another international company to Virginia,” said Maurice Jones, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade. “Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods is a well-established, growing company that will continue to expand in the U.S. in order to serve increasing demand for its high-quality product in the marketplace. We look forward to the company’s success in Warren County.”

Nature’s Touch was founded in 2004 with a vision to change the way consumers looked at frozen fruit. The company packed its first order from a small rented room in a warehouse in 2005, and, in less than 10 years, has won the private label frozen fruit accounts of all major grocery chains in Canada. The goal of Nature’s Touch is to provide the highest quality frozen fruit and vegetables at a competitive price and give consumers a consistent quality experience.

“The choice of Virginia was made easy for Nature's Touch Frozen Foods,” said Theo Prokos, Director, Nature's Touch Frozen Foods. “The welcome and cooperation of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership to identify potential locations and promote the benefits of Virginia, coupled with the efforts of Front Royal and the Warren County Economic Development Authority, helped us find Interchange Port Services. The combination of close proximity to a sea port and easy access to major highways was tough to beat. In our case, the state authorities ensured that Virginia was the Best State for Business.”

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with Warren County, the Warren County Economic Development Authority (EDA), and the Interchange of Front Royal to secure the project for Virginia. The company is eligible to participate in the Virginia Enterprise Zone Program, administered by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development.Funding and services to support the company’s employee training activities will be provided through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program.

“The EDA is pleased to have Nature’s Touch become part of our business community,” said Patricia S. Wines, Warren County EDA Chairman. “We value each business that chooses Warren County as their place of business as we know they have many options to choose from, and we look forward to their success in our community.”

(Please note:  The governor is doing everything he can to make sure small business has no chance in his new Virginia economy and he is pulling every trick he can to make sure this is the case.)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Author of the History of Waterbury, 1674-1783
Bellman Grey and Blue-Eyed Boy were hurrying up Chestnut street; the man carried a large key, the boy a new broom.

It was a very warm morning in a very warm month of a very warm year; in fact it may as well be stated at once that it was the Fourth day of July, 1776, and that Bellman Grey and Blue-Eyed Boy were in haste to make ready the State House of Pennsylvania for the birth of the United States of America. No wonder they were in a hurry.
In fact, everybody seemed in a hurry that day; for before Bellman Grey had whisked that new broom over the floor of Congress Hall, in walked, arm-in-arm, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
“Good morning, gentlemen,” said Bellman Grey. “You’ll find the dust settled in the committee-room. I’m cleaning house a little extra to-day for the expected visitor.”
“For the coming heir?” said Mr. Adams.
“When Liberty comes, She comes to stay,” said Mr. Jefferson, half-suffocated with the dust; and the two retreated to the committee-room.
Blue-Eyed Boy was polishing with his silken duster the red morocco of a chair as the gentlemen 118opened the door. He heard one of them say, “If Cæsar Rodney gets here, it will be done.”
“If it’s done,” said the boy, “won’t you, please, Mr. Adams, won’t you, please, Mr. Jefferson, let me carry the news to General Washington?”
The two gentlemen looked either at the other, and both at the lad, in smiling wonder.
“If what is done?” asked Mr. Adams.
“If the thing is voted and signed and made sure,” (just here Blue-Eyed Boy waved his duster of a flag and stood himself as erect as a flagpole;) “if the tree’s transplanted, if the ship gets off the ways, if we run clear away from King George, sir; so far away that he’ll never catch us.”
“And why do you, my lad, wish to carry the news to General Washington?” asked Mr. Jefferson.
“Because,” said the boy, “why—wouldn’t you? It’ll be jolly work for the soldiers when they know they can fight for themselves.”
Just here Bellman Grey shouted for Blue-Eyed Boy, bidding him come quick and be spry with his dusting, too.
Before the hall was cleared of the accumulated dust of State-rooms above and Congress-rooms below, in came members of the Congress, one-by-one and two-by-two, and in groups. The doors were locked, and the solemn deliberations began. Within that room, now known as Independence 119Hall, sat, in solemn conclave, half a hundred men, each and every one of whom knew full well that the deed about to be done would endanger his own life.
On a table lay a paper, awaiting signatures. A silver ink-stand held the ink that trembled and wavered to the sound and stir of John Adams’s voice, as he stated once more the why and the wherefore of the step America was about to take.
This final statement was made for the especial enlightenment of three gentlemen, new members of the Congress from New Jersey, and in reply to the reasons given by Mr. Dickinson why the Declaration of Independence should not be made.
In the meantime Bellman Grey was up in the steeple, “seeing what he could see,” and Blue-Eyed Boy was answering knocks at the entrance doors; then running up the stairs to tell the scraps of news that he had gleaned through open door, or crack, or key-hole.
The day wore on; outside a great and greater crowd surged every moment against the walls; but the walls of the State House were thick, and the crowd was hushed to silence, with intense longing to hear what was going on inside.
From his high-up place in the belfry, where he had been on watch, Bellman Grey espied a figure on horseback, hurrying toward the scene; the horse was white with heat and hurry; the rider’s “face was no bigger than an apple,” but it was a face of importance that day.
Run!” shouted Bellman Grey from the belfry. “Run and tell them that Mr. Rodney comes.”
The boy descended the staircase with a bound and a leap and a thump against the door, and announced Cæsar Rodney’s approach.
In he came, weary with his eighty miles in the saddle, through heat and hunger and dust, for Delaware had sent her son in haste to the scene.
The door closed behind him and all was as still and solemn as before.
Up in the belfry the old man stroked fondly the tongue of the bell, and softly said under his breath again and again as the hours went: “They will never do it; they will never do it.”
The boy sat on the lowest step of the staircase, alternately peeping through the key-hole with eye to see and with ear to hear. At last, came a stir within the room. He peeped again. He saw Mr. Hancock, with white and solemn face, bend over the paper on the table, stretch forth his hand, and dip the pen in the ink. He watched that hand and arm curve the pen to and fro over the paper, and then he was away up the stairs like a cat.
Breathless with haste, he cried up the belfry: “He’s a doing it, he is! I saw him through the key-hole. Mr. Hancock has put his name to that big paper on the table.”
“Go back! go back! you young fool, and keep watch, and tell me quick when to ring!” cried 121down the voice of Bellman Grey, as he wiped for the hundredth time the damp heat from his forehead and the dust from the iron tongue beside him.
Blue-Eyed Boy went back and peeped again just in time to see Mr. Samuel Adams in the chair, pen in hand.
One by one, in “solemn silence all,” the members wrote their names, each one knowing full well, that unless the Colonists could fight longer and stronger than Great Britain, that signature would prove his own death-warrant.
It was fitting that the men who wrote their names that day should write with solemn deliberation.
Blue-Eyed Boy peeped again. “I hope they’re almost done,” he sighed; “and I reckon they are, for Mr. Rodney has the pen now. My! how tired and hot his face looks! I don’t believe he has had any more dinner to-day than I have, and I feel most awful empty. It’s almost night by this time, too.”
At length the long list was complete. Every man then present had signed the Declaration of Independence, except Mr. Dickinson of Pennsylvania.
And now came the moment wherein the news should begin its journey around the world. The Speaker, Mr. Thompson, arose and made the announcement to the very men who already knew it.
Blue-Eyed Boy peeped with his ear and heard the words through the key-hole.
With a shout and a cry of “Ring! ring!” and a clapping of hands, he rushed upward to the belfry. The words, springing from his lips like arrows, sped their way into the ears and hands of Bellman Grey. Grasping the iron tongue of the old bell, backward and forward he hurled it a hundred times, its loud voice proclaiming to all the people that down in Independence Hall a new nation was born to the earth that day.
When the members heard its tones swinging out the joyous notes they marvelled, because no one had authorized the announcement. When the key was turned from within, and the door opened, there stood the mystery facing them, in the person of Blue-Eyed Boy.
“I told him to ring; I heard the news!” he shouted, and opened the State House doors to let the Congress out and all the world in.
You know the rest; the acclamation of the multitude, the common peals (they forgot to be careful of powder that night in the staid old city), the big bonfires, and the illuminations that rang and roared and boomed and burned from Delaware to Schuylkill.
In the waning light of the latest bonfire, up from the city of Penn, rode our Blue-Eyed Boy—true to his purpose to be the first to carry the glad news to General Washington.
“It will be like meeting an old friend,” he 123thought; for had he not seen the commander-in-chief every day going in and out of the Congress Hall during his visit to Philadelphia only a month ago?
The self-appointed courier never deemed other evidence of the truth of his news needful than his own “word of mouth.” He rode a strong young horse, which, early in the year, had been left in his care by a southern officer when on his way to the camp at Cambridge; and that no one might worry about him, he had taken the precaution to intrust his secret to a neighbor lad to tell at the home-door in the light of early day.
The journey was long, too long to write of here. Suffice it to say, that on Sunday morning Blue-Eyed Boy reached the ferry at the Hudson river. The old ferryman hesitated to cross with the lad.
“Wait at my house until the cool of the evening,” he urged.
But Blue-Eyed Boy said, “No, I must cross this morning, and my pony: I’ll pay for two if you’ll take me.”
The ferryman crossed the river with the boy, who, on the other side, inquired his way to the headquarters of the general.
Warm, tired, hungry, and dusty, he urged his pony forward to the place, only to find that he whom he sought had gone to divine service at St. Paul’s church.
Blue-Eyed Boy rode to St. Paul’s. In the 124Fields (now City Hall Park) he tied his faithful horse, and went his way to the church.
Gently and with reverent mien, he entered the open door, and listened to the closing words of the sermon. At length the service was over and the congregation turned toward the entrance where stood the young traveler, his heart beating with exultant pride at the glorious news he had to tell to the glorious commander.
How grand the General looked to the boy, as, with stately step, he trod slowly the church aisle accompanied by his officers.
Now he was come to the vestibule. It was Blue-Eyed Boy’s chance at last. The great, dancing, gleeful eyes, that have outlived in fame the very name of the lad, were fixed on Washington, as he stepped forward to accost him.
“Out of the way!” exclaimed a guard, and thrust him aside.
“I will speak! General Washington!” screamed Blue-Eyed Boy, in sudden excitement. The idea of anybody who had seen, even through a key-hole, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, being thrust aside thus!
General Washington stayed his steps and ordered, “Let the lad come to me.”
“I’ve good news for you,” said the youth.
“What news?”
Officers stood around—even the congregation paused, having heard the cry.
“It’s for you alone, General Washington.”
The lad’s eyes were ablaze now. All the light of Philadelphia’s late illuminations burned in them. General Washington bade the youth follow him.
“But my pony is tied yonder,” said he, “and he’s hungry and tired too. I can’t leave him.”
“Come hither, then,” and the Commander-in-chief withdrew with the lad within the sacred edifice.
“General Washington,” said Blue-Eyed Boy, “on Thursday Congress declared us free and independent.”
“Where are your dispatches?” leaped from the General’s lips, his face shining.
“Why—why, I haven’t any, but it’s all true, sir,” faltered the boy.
“How did you find it out?”
“I was right there, sir. Don’t you remember me? I help Bellman Grey take care of the State House at Philadelphia, and I run on errands for the Congress folks, too, sometimes.”
“Did Congress send you on this errand?”
“No, General Washington; I can’t tell a lie, I came myself.”
“How did you know me?”
Blue-Eyed Boy was ready to cry now. To be sure he was sturdy and strong, and nearly fourteen, too; but to be doubted, after all his long, tiresome journey, was hard. However, he winked once or twice violently, and then he looked his very soul into the General’s face, and said: “Why, 126I saw you every day you went to Congress, only a month ago, I did.”
“I believe you, my lad. Get your horse and follow me.”
Blue-Eyed Boy followed on, and waited in camp until the tardy despatches came in on Tuesday morning, confirming every word that he had spoken.
The same evening all the brigades in and around New York were ordered to their respective parade-grounds.
Blue-Eyed Boy was admitted within the hollow square formed by the brigades on the spot where stands the City Hall. Within the same square was General Washington, sitting on horseback, and the great Declaration was read by one of his aids.
It is needless to tell how it was received by the eager men who listened to the mighty truths with reverent, uncovered heads. Henceforth every man felt that he had a banner under which to fight, as broad as the sky above him, as sheltering as the homely roof of home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Government Briefing or Education On Bitcoin and Bitpay Digital Currency

The bitcoin logo
The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though we have not used this digital currency as of yet, we happen to like most of the facts and information surrounding Bitcoin and a few of the other digital currencies.  They are not controlled by any governments and it is extremely difficult to manipulate this form of currency, especially by any government of any country.  Here is nearly a two hour video for those who are still not familiar with Bitcoin.  Even though this is a Canadian briefing, it applies to every country in many areas.

Gloucester, Virginia Links and News, GVLN
Gloucester, Virginia's Best News Source

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Governor McAuliffe Announces Creation of Virginia Oyster Trail

Chargrilled oysters
Chargrilled oysters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 ~ Proclaims November as Virginia Oyster Month, Recognizes Virginia as “Oyster Capital of the East Coast” ~

Virginia Is Leading East Coast Seafood Producer, Third Largest in the Nation

RICHMOND– Governor Terry McAuliffe today announced the creation of the Virginia Oyster Trail, a major tourism development project connecting travelers to Virginia oyster purveyors, raw bars and restaurants, and the watermen culture throughout Coastal Virginia, the Northern Neck, Middle Peninsula and Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

“Virginia produces the best oysters in the world and as the oyster industry continues to grow, we want to let it be known that Virginia is also the Oyster Capital of the East Coast,” said Governor McAuliffe.  “In addition to growing, harvesting and selling the best oysters, our watermen are providing good jobs in their communities, generating revenue and tax dollars throughout their region, and helping improve the environment of the Chesapeake Bay as their oysters filter millions of gallons of water each day.”

“As my team and I work to build a new Virginia economy, I want to make sure that our tourism and agricultural industries, including our outstanding and diverse marine products sector, can and will play a significant role in that effort.”

This year, a public-private partnership of stakeholders began working together to brand the Virginia oyster travel experience to show the world that Virginia is for Oyster Lovers.  The trail offers visitors a way to enjoy Virginia’s seven different oyster regions, as well as experience the unique culture of watermen in the Chesapeake Bay.   As a result of these exciting developments with the Virginia oyster, Governor McAuliffe officially declared November as Virginia Oyster Month and named Virginia the “Oyster Capital of the East Coast.”

“The Virginia oyster pairs perfectly with another widely recognized Virginia product – wine – and some of Virginia’s oyster regions share watersheds with a number of Virginia’s outstanding wineries,” said First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe. “I believe this goes a long way to proving the old saying of “what grows together, goes together.”  Indeed, we have two world-class products – oysters and wine – right here in Virginia and I know that the Virginia Oyster Trail will provide new economic opportunities for both those sectors and many other businesses as we work to create a new Virginia economy.”

Virginia’s oyster harvest increased by 25 percent from 2012 to 2013, with more than 500,000 bushels – the most in nearly a generation.  Over the past 12 years, the oyster harvest in Virginia has increased from approximately 23,000 bushels in 2001 to last year’s level of just over 500,000.  This is the highest level since 1987.  The dockside value alone of the oyster harvest in 2013 was more than $22 million, up from approximately $16 million in 2012.

“In addition to being the nation’s third largest producer of marine products, Virginia is the leading East Coast seafood production state and the oyster industry plays a significant role in those both of these high rankings,” said Todd Haymore, Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, noting that the Commonwealth had more than 400 million pounds in landings last year placing it behind only Alaska and Louisiana.  “We’re proud to promote Virginia oysters here and on international trade missions, where we’ve generated new export sales to China, Hong Kong, and Canada.  As we answer the Governor’s call to build a new Virginia economy, we must take an inclusive approach by working with some of our oldest businesses, such as our seafood industries, as they continue to provide good jobs and outstanding products.  With today’s announcement of the Virginia Oyster Trail, we’re hoping to spur more growth and opportunities for our watermen, the marine product sector, and other businesses along the trail.”

Virginia’s seven different oyster regions produce the largest quantity of fresh wild-caught and farm-raised oysters in the United States and each region produces oysters with distinct flavors, offering an oyster for every palate.  The Virginia oyster industry is one of the longest-standing industries in the state, providing bountiful meals for Virginia’s first inhabitants.

“The continued growth of the oyster industry and our fisheries management programs, combined with private sector investment, positively impacts the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia’s economy, particularly with respect to tourism,” said Maurice Jones, Secretary of Commerce and Trade.“Tourism is an instant revenue generator for Virginia, accounting for over $21.2 billion in revenue and supporting 210,000 jobs in 2012.  The Virginia Oyster Trail is sure to continue this growth in tourism around the Commonwealth.”

“Virginia is in the oyster business in a major way,” said Rita McClenny, President and CEO of Virginia Tourism Corporation. “With seven different oyster regions, we are unlike any other state in the nation.  The development of the Virginia Oyster Trail will allow travelers to experience the state with taste by pairing the Virginia oyster with other quality products made in Virginia, including wine, craft beer, cider and spirits.”

The Virginia Tourism Corporation partnered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, Shellfish Growers of Virginia, the Virginia Seafood Council, the Virginia Marine Products Board, and the Artisans Center of Virginia, in addition to local tourism offices and planning district committees, to make this project a reality.  For more information on the Virginia Oyster Trail,  Learn more about the various tourism economic efforts of the Virginia Tourism Corporation by visiting

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Governor McAuliffe Announces 70 New Jobs for Virginia Beach

~ Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. to establish first U.S. manufacturing 
Adapted from Wikipedia's VA county maps by Set...
Adapted from Wikipedia's VA county maps by Seth Ilys. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RICHMOND - Governor Terry McAuliffe announced that Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd., a Canada-based manufacturer of marine and industrial products, will invest $3 million to establish its first U.S. manufacturing operation in the City of Virginia Beach. The project will create 70 new jobs over three years.

Speaking about the announcement, Governor McAuliffe said, “Having an international company like Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. select Virginia Beach for its first U.S. manufacturing operation is testament to the Commonwealth’s ability to compete on a global playing field. My administration is committed to growing advanced manufacturing jobs that will help boost Virginia’s economy. We welcome Canada Metal to Virginia Beach and the Commonwealth.”
“The advanced manufacturing industry is thriving in Virginia, and we are pleased that Canada Metal (Pacific) Ltd. will establish its first U.S. manufacturing operation in the Commonwealth,” said Maurice Jones, Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade. “Virginia Beach is a leader in the U.S. manufacturing revival, and offers a skilled workforce, strategic location and the necessary infrastructure for Canada Metal to succeed and expands its market reach.”

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Canada Metal (Pacific) manufactures and markets marine and industrial products and is the world’s largest producer of diecast marine anodes, some of which are used for offshore oil pipelines. The company also manufactures and markets the Octopus line of marine autopilot drive systems.

“CMP conducted a very comprehensive investigation as to where to establish its U.S. operation,” said Jim Stuart, Vice President of Business Development, Canada Metal (Pacific). “Virginia Beach came out ‘head and shoulders’ above all other locations due to its highly skilled labor force, excellent logistics, and, most importantly, having a culture that personifies our desire to be fully integrated within the community in which we conduct our business.”

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership worked with the City of Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development to secure the project for Virginia. Funding and services to support the company’s employee training activities will be provided through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program. The company will also be eligible for Sales and Use tax exemptions on manufacturing equipment.

“Virginia Beach has added another international manufacturer to our expanding global business community,” said Warren D. Harris, Director of Virginia Beach Economic Development. “This company aligns perfectly with our aggressive growth in advanced manufacturing. We are increasingly finding that international companies understand the benefits of locating here with an abundance of highly skilled workers and easy access to international markets through the Ports of Virginia.” 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Crippling Medical Care Laws That Are Destroying Competition

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Hum...
Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Stephen Barrett, M.D.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

I buy several prescription medications from online pharmacies in Canada and other countries where prices are much lower for the same drugs – often 80% lower! Millions of Americans like me do this safely, buying from regulated pharmacies with verified licenses. But next year these drugs could be seized and destroyed by U.S. Customs without notice, depending on what the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, decides.

Although the law says that ordering most medications from outside the country is not legal (a law that should be changed), the government has not taken actions against individuals like me who purchase small quantities for personal use. To order safely you just need a valid prescription filled by a licensed pharmacy, and you can’t order a controlled substance, like a pain medicine.

Drug companies are lobbying the government very hard to take actions that would keep Americans paying inflated prices while they sell the same drugs for much less outside the U.S.  Meanwhile, tens of millions of Americans don’t fill their prescriptions due to high drug costs. 

Our Notes:  The above was sent to us through a petition asking us to sign and stop this kind of anti competition in health care prescriptions.  If big pharma wants to argue that Americans are not safe because there is no way to control those drugs coming from other countries, the same arguments can be made for everything pouring into this country from any other country.  The argument is just not valid.  Americans should be able to get medications from anywhere in the world in order to save money and not be held at gunpoint to pay the highest prices in the world for the same medications.

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