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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mystery of The Ages Contained In The Secret Doctrines of All Religions, eBook

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Mystery of The Ages Contained In The Secret Doctrines of All Religions from Chuck Thompson

Are you stumped by the New Age information?  Are you wondering what the secret teachings are of the secret societies?  Did you have questions about who or what is behind the New World Order?  Well look no further.  We are giving away those secrets right here in the above book.  No reason to buy those expensive New Age guru books, they all got their information from right above and just rework the information.

  No reason to join those expensive secret societies and pay those high monthly dues and go through all of those ridiculous ceremonies, those secrets are revealed above as well.  Plus, you do not have to wait for years for the really good secrets to be revealed to you.  You get them here as fast as you can read them.

  Want to know what is behind all the news stories that keep you scratching your head over each night?  Here is the inside information you are not supposed to know.   We have a bunch of these books on our Slideshare site now and more coming.  You know what?  They all pretty much say the same thing.  There is nothing new under the sun.  This goes way back to the beginning of times folks.  The masons, Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, Da Vinci Code, New Age,  Wicca, Harry Potter, Walt Disney, it's all the same.   Luciferianism packaged in different ways and sold to you for your enjoyment.

  Evolutionism, Climate Change, Politics, Banking, Entertainment, all under the same roof.  Now coming to a church near you.  Benny Hinn and all his TV friends all preaching the same gospel but in slightly different ways from what we have traced.  Pick your poison or flavor, it makes almost no difference.  It's not Christ based even when they tell you it is.  You might just want to ask them which christ they are actually talking about.  What.  You didn't realize that?  

Jordan Maxwell is a Luciferian who has studied the mystery teachings.  Brought up in the Catholic Church, he is well educated in Christianity, so he knew where to look to try and discredit it all.

  It's all the age old game of Lucifer vs Jesus Christ.  The only question that remains, what side do you really want to be on?
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Secret Societies Incompatible With Christianity A History

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...
Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus' description of himself "I am the Good Shepherd" (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: "To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Religion of Secret Societies is Anti-christian.
Secret Societies are classified thus: (1) religious, (2)
social or insurance, (3) economic or labor organizations.
While the various secret orders have different names, rites,
forms, and obligations, they have a principle that is common.
The Grange, a more recent order, was cunningly designed
to catch the farmer. Their general secretary, Mr.
Kelly, says: "Many of our originators were Masons and
Odd-fellows," A. B. Crosh, author of " Odd-fellow's Manual,"
prepared the Granger's Ritual.

 There is a kindred spirit running through all secret orders. To condemn one is to condemn all. The different secret orders have each an authorized officer to lead their religious services, whom they
call Chaplain, Prelate or Priest. 

They also have an altar and
a ritual Their various services, installations, dedications,
and burials, would readily impress an observer that they
are a religious people, while some members of secret orders
claim their system to be only a hand-maid to religion,
a refined system of morality, or a mutual aid society. We
have before us a number of their standard authors, claiming
their system to be a religious one. We quote as follows:
"All the ceremonies of our order are prefaced and terminated
with prayer, because Masonry is a religious institution."
("Mackey's Lexicon on Freemasonry," page 369.) "The
meeting of a Masonic Lodge is strictly a religious ceremony.
So broad is the religion of Masonry, and so carefully are all
sectarian tenets excluded from the system, that the Christian
the Jew, and the Mohammedan, in all their numberless
sects and divisions, may and do harmoniously combine in its
moral and intellectual work, with the Buddhist, Parsee, the
Confucian, and the worshiper of the Deity under every
form." ("Freemason's Monitor," by Thomas Smith Webb,
pages 286 and 287.)

These authors emphatically declare their system to be
a religion,—the religion of Masonry. It is a fact that not
only the tenets of Christian religion are excluded, but even
the name of Christ is studiously excluded from their prayers.
On page 166, " Odd-fellow's Pocket Companion," by
Donaldson, we read, u using none other than the prescribedform
of prayer" Think of professed ministers, elders, bishops,
prominent divines, leaders of the people, offering up prayers,
leaving Christ,—their only advocate,—not once named.
To us it looks like sacrilege.

On page 226, " Freemason'sMonitor," by Z. A. Davis, the author, in giving the outlinesof the Royal Arch Degree, quotes the sacred words of the
apostle Paul, in 2 Thess. 3; 6-17. The name " Lord Jesus Christ," occurring in verses 6 and 12 is omitted, without
any marks of omission. The same omission in " Freemason's
Guide," by Cornelius Moore, page 137; also in "Webb's
Monitor," page 122. Such omissions are of frequent occurrence
by authors on secrecy.

Mackey, in his Lexicon, page 16, defines " Acacian ' as
" signifying a Mason, who, by living in strict obedience to
the obligations and precepts of the fraternity, is free from
sin." The Gospel teaches that.
" the blood of Jesus Christ,
his Son, cleanseth us from all sin." 1 John. 1: 17. "Without
shedding of blood there is no remission." Heb. 9: 22.
But Masonry, Odd-fellowship, and a number of other orders
offer a religion,—a system that saves from sin without a
Christ, hence no blood. Jesus says, " No man cometh to
7 V ' the Father but by me." Webb and Mackey, as quoted, teach the contrary.

Read the entire book below.

Secret Societies Incompatible With Christianity from Chuck Thompson

This is an historic text exploring issues between Christianity and Freemasonry as well as other secret societies.  Secret Societies are often classed as well organized and well disciplined anarchists.  Anti government and anti religion.  We see this a great deal including in our own local government where we have a presence of Freemasonry well represented on the local Board of Supervisors and we see all of the ordinances that are in violation of state codes and Dillon rules as well as how often they break their own ordinances and state codes with no regard.  They use their code of silence not to speak about these violations or address them with the public when these violations are brought to their attention.

  They use their influence through Freemasonry to stay out of trouble as Freemasons never go against each other or there are very severe consequences.  The purpose of the present separation between Church and State as it presently stands is thanks in part to Freemasonry.  Freemasons can be found in just about every church order in the US with the exception of Catholics, who have their own secret society order, the Knights of Columbus.  John Adams was watching closely to the secret society threat to the US when he was involved in the political system.  That is coming soon.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Satan, Twisted, It's Not What You Think


If any word of mine shall add to the number of the readers of this book I shall be glad to have written it; and I sincerely wish that all believers, and especially all ministers and Christian workers, might in some way be led to read it.

The subject is vital to any right understanding of the age in which we live, and of the personal conflict which we wage; for the existence, personality, and power of Satan are awful facts and of immense present significance.

We walk in the midst of his snares, hear on every hand his doctrines proclaimed by men of blameless lives "transformed as the ministers of righteousness," and are allured by the pleasure, place and power of his perfectly organized world-system.
I know of no other book on Satan in which the dispensational aspects of the subject are so clearly stated, nor any other so severely Biblical.
C. I. Scofield.


The world has been willing to comply with the wishes and projects of Satan to the extent of ceasing to believe that he really exists; this unbelief being most advantageous to his present undertakings. Yet the opinions of men have never changed the facts of revelation, and, according to Scripture, Satan exists; still possessed with great power and influence over the affairs of men—a power and influence to be increasingly dreaded as this present age advances.

The teachings of Scripture on this important subject are but little understood by Christians and seem to be entirely outside the thought of the world. It is, therefore, to be expected that any attempt to present this truth will seem, to many, mere folly and fiction.

The name Satan has by no means been lost. It has, however, been associated with a most unscriptural fancy. Without reference to revelation, the world has imagined a grotesque being, fitted with strange trappings, who has been made the central character in theatrical performances; and by this relation to the unreality of the theatre, the real character of Satan has come to be only one of the myths of a bygone age.
Scripture reveals a detailed description of the person and career of Satan; beginning with his creation; his original condition; his fall, and on to his kingdom with all its developments, and his final defeat and banishment. It presents a personage so mighty and so prominent in the world to-day that the Christian heart would fail, were it not for faith in the One who has triumphed over all principalities and powers.

This attempt to outline the Scripture teaching on this character will be undertaken under certain general conditions:
First—The authority of the Scriptures of both the Old and the New Testaments will be accepted without question.
Second—Evidence will be drawn from the Word of God alone, since no final light can be found on this subject other than it has pleased God to reveal in the Bible.

Third—There will be no discussion as to the actual existence of Satan; this being both assumed and taught from Genesis to Revelation.

These pages are prepared especially for believers; knowing that this body of truth will be wholly unnoticed or rejected by the Satan-blinded world (2 Cor. 4:4).

There has also been a deep sense of the seriousness of the undertaking: both because Satan, by his present direct power, would, if possible, hinder any larger understanding of his projects and purposes; and because so great a warning has fallen from the lips of Christ against the sin of ascribing to Satan the things which are really of God (Matt. 12:22-32). 

The work has, therefore, been undertaken with some degree of reliance upon the keeping and guiding power of the Spirit of God, and is presented with the prayer that believers may have a clearer understanding of this important body of truth and be able to say with Paul, "We are not ignorant of his devices." It is also desired that some clearer vision of this mighty foe may be had which will cause the child of God to realize the overwhelming power of his adversary and be constrained to "be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might;" that greater victory may be had in the realization of the whole will of God.

Satan from Chuck Thompson

Free download link.  Just pick the free user option and the file size is less than 1 meg so it should go very fast.

When we came upon this, the title is usually the type of area we stay away from .  As we read the opening however, we noticed that this was not what it appeared to be.  As we continued to read the opening, it grabbed our attention.  We have posted that opening here.  As we said in the title, it's not what you think.  That is why we decided to publish this.  You are more than free to download a copy so that you can read it whenever and where ever you want.
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum 4

This is the 4th video in our mini series. We have about two or three more to go. Then we are going to produce a picture slide show video with background music. Hope everyone is enjoying the videos.