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Mystery of The Ages Contained In The Secret Doctrines of All Religions, eBook

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Mystery of The Ages Contained In The Secret Doctrines of All Religions from Chuck Thompson

Are you stumped by the New Age information?  Are you wondering what the secret teachings are of the secret societies?  Did you have questions about who or what is behind the New World Order?  Well look no further.  We are giving away those secrets right here in the above book.  No reason to buy those expensive New Age guru books, they all got their information from right above and just rework the information.

  No reason to join those expensive secret societies and pay those high monthly dues and go through all of those ridiculous ceremonies, those secrets are revealed above as well.  Plus, you do not have to wait for years for the really good secrets to be revealed to you.  You get them here as fast as you can read them.

  Want to know what is behind all the news stories that keep you scratching your head over each night?  Here is the inside information you are not supposed to know.   We have a bunch of these books on our Slideshare site now and more coming.  You know what?  They all pretty much say the same thing.  There is nothing new under the sun.  This goes way back to the beginning of times folks.  The masons, Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar, Da Vinci Code, New Age,  Wicca, Harry Potter, Walt Disney, it's all the same.   Luciferianism packaged in different ways and sold to you for your enjoyment.

  Evolutionism, Climate Change, Politics, Banking, Entertainment, all under the same roof.  Now coming to a church near you.  Benny Hinn and all his TV friends all preaching the same gospel but in slightly different ways from what we have traced.  Pick your poison or flavor, it makes almost no difference.  It's not Christ based even when they tell you it is.  You might just want to ask them which christ they are actually talking about.  What.  You didn't realize that?  

Jordan Maxwell is a Luciferian who has studied the mystery teachings.  Brought up in the Catholic Church, he is well educated in Christianity, so he knew where to look to try and discredit it all.

  It's all the age old game of Lucifer vs Jesus Christ.  The only question that remains, what side do you really want to be on?
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