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Friday, January 27, 2017

Who Owns Your Land; You Or Our Local Government?

Gloucester, VA - Picture taken for the new Gloucester Links & News website.

Another Rezoning Request
Here goes Gloucester County, Virginia down the rezoning road again. Gloucester resident and businessman, C.W. Davis is asking our local government to rezone 5.4 acres of land on Short Lane so he can build five, four unit, apartment buildings; for a total of 20 apartments. Mr. Davis’ land and the land surrounding his are currently zoned for single family homes only. Our county government is recommending the Planning Commission deny Mr. Davis request which will be deliberated during a Public Hearing at the Planning Commission meeting on February 2, 2017.

Over the last couple or three years there have been numerous requests submitted to our local government to have land rezoned to allow the construction of approximately 440 apartments or apartment like units. (i.e. condos, town homes, etc) Of those requests only one has been denied by our Board of Supervisors; the request of Gloucester resident and businessman, Tabb Bridges. Mr. Bridges requested that a single lot located in an established single family dwelling neighborhood in the courthouse area be rezoned so he could build one duplex rental unit (two apartments). One of our elected supervisors had this to say about the Board of Supervisors decision to deny Mr. Bridges rezoning request.

“First, the proposed development was right in the center of a cluster of single family homes.  A duplex would look out of place in that subdivision, would you not agree?  It would have caused a slippery slope of events going forward, and I am opposed to "micro zoning".” 

“Second, we believe the Comprehensive Plan incorrectly classified this subdivision as multi family use (we will be correcting that).” 

“Thirdly, while not all of the residents appeared at our meeting, we were inundated with an overwhelming number of residents opposed to the proposed development.”

The following was my reply.

As I understand it; micro zoning is the detailed preparation of land use maps by local bodies and public authorities, fixing specific land uses for each site (such as residential, educational, commercial, etc.). Micro zoning also details the density of land uses at particular sites. In other words; micro zoning establishes a detailed land use pattern.

I too, am against micro zoning, but it appears we may interpret the words “micro zoning” somewhat differently. In my simple mind I believe Gloucester County is micro zoned and such zoning is further micro managed when requests like Mr. Bridges’ are denied and others are approved.

Basing decisions on “how something looks” is micro managing micro zoning to the extreme. What you find acceptable from a “how it looks” standpoint may not be acceptable to others and vise versa. As I shared in my article on GVLN, there are duplex units within multiple neighborhoods here at Gloucester Point that cause no negative impacts on any of the surrounding single family dwellings. Most people don’t even notice they are duplexes. So I guess my answer would be; no to your question about the duplexes “looking out of place” within the courthouse area neighborhood.

As for potential errors in the comprehensive plan; I don’t know what to tell you other than it is the BOS’s plan. I am of the opinion that local and other government involvement in how a landowner uses their property should be strictly limited to protecting the health, welfare and safety of the citizenry. Nothing more, nothing less. No level of government within the United States should have the power to prevent any land use based on how something will look or whether or not it will aesthetically fit in with surrounding properties. I also believe no level of government should have the power to restrict growth to predetermined areas as is the case with the “Village Plan” and “Development District” concepts our local government has adopted without consent of the people.

It is great the people of the neighborhood at the courthouse successfully rallied together to exercise their 1st Amendment rights, but they are not the only ones to speak against such rezoning requests. I would be willing to confidently bet that if the voices of every person in the Gloucester Point, Hayes, Guinea and Wicomico areas (primary users of the shopping center) were heard, there would be overwhelming opposition to the 120 apartments that will now be constructed as part of the York River Crossing Shopping Center. I would also be willing to bet that if all of the responses the BOS received, in one form or another, pertaining to the YRCS rezoning were tallied, we would find there were more voices who spoke in opposition of the rezoning than who spoke in favor of it. We just were not as organized and public about it as the folks in the courthouse area neighborhood were.      

Personally, I believe we have more than enough existing apartments and apartments approved for future construction, but who am I to say what Mr. Davis or any other land owner may or may not do with their property? How will our Board of Supervisors “Rule” on Mr. Davis’ rezoning request? Will the “good ole boy” system come into play? Will they continue to support United Nations land use agendas on American soil? Or will they begin to return Gloucester to the Republic land of freedom that it once was? At this point, your guess is as good as mine. We will continue to follow this story and provide you with updates as necessary.

Email your comments to

Kenny Hogge, Sr.
Gloucester Point, Virginia

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gloucester, VA Delinquent Tax Property Auction Sale List

Gloucester, VA Tax Auction, Nov 2014 from Chuck Thompson

Above is a list of properties going up for public auction for delinquent tax payments.  This only goes to show that no matter what you think, you do not own the land you think you own.  It can very quickly be taken from you for many reasons.  If any of these properties are occupied by someone who simply can not afford to pay the taxes, then it is a crime against God to take their home.  Read the bible here.  If you want to get a deal on real estate at the expense of someone else's hardship?  By participating in buying any of these properties, you are saying that you do not believe in ownership of land to yourself and everyone else as well.  You just gain control over it for a cost.

  If anyone out there has fairly deep pockets and can afford to help out a family that may need it then we recommend researching these properties and seeing if you can't pay those back taxes for a family or person in desperate need.  Where are the non profit foundations now?  Temporarily house the homeless during the winter but let's create homeless folks instead of helping prevent the crisis to begin with?  Put together a group of private individuals who can pool money to help out anyone of the people in the above list.  It may make you eligible for extra tax deductions.  You would have to check with a good accountant or lawyer who specializes in this area.

The US Constitution as well as the original state Constitution does not allow for personal property taxes.  No one can show where they are.  The 16th Amendment is not legal as it is written as a right of the Government against the people which is not what the Bill of Rights were designed for.  The Bill of Rights is the rights of the PEOPLE.  It's clear we have a criminal government even at the local level.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Anti Federalist Papers No. 14 Extent of Territory Under Consolidated Government Too Large to Preserve Liberty or Protect Property

. . . The recital, or premises on which the new form of government is erected, declares a consolidation or union of all the thirteen parts, or states, into one great whole, under the form of the United States, for all the various and important purposes therein set forth. But whoever seriously considers the immense extent of territory comprehended within the limits of the United States, together with the variety of its climates, productions, and commerce, the difference of extent, and number of inhabitants in all; the dissimilitude of interest, morals, and politics, in almost every one, will receive it as an intuitive truth, that a consolidated republican form of government therein, can never form a perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to you and your posterity, for to these objects it must be directed. This unkindred legislature therefore, composed of interests opposite and dissimilar in their nature, will in its exercise, emphatically be like a house divided against itself.

The governments of Europe have taken their limits and form from adventitious circumstances, and nothing can be argued on the motive of agreement from them; but these adventitious political principles have nevertheless produced effects that have attracted the attention of philosophy, which have established axioms in the science of politics therefrom, as irrefragable as any in Euclid. It is natural, says Montesquieu, to a republic to have only a small territory, otherwise it cannot long subsist: in a large one, there are men of large fortunes, and consequently of less moderation; there are too great deposits to trust in the hands of a single subject, an ambitious person soon becomes sensible that he may be happy, great, and glorious by oppressing his fellow citizens, and that he might raise himself to grandeur, on the ruins of his country.

 In large republics, the public good is sacrificed to a thousand views, in a small one, the interest of the public is easily perceived, better understood, and more within the reach of every citizen; abuses have a less extent, and of course are less protected. He also shows you, that the duration of the republic of Sparta was owing to its having continued with the same extent of territory after all its wars; and that the ambition of Athens and Lacedemon to command and direct the union, lost them their liberties, and gave them a monarchy.

Read the rest below.

Anti Federalist Papers No 14 Territory to Large to Preserve Liberty from Chuck Thompson

Visit our Podcast Old Time radio page above and you can listen to each of the Anti Federalist or Federalist Papers in audio format.  We have the entire series of both.  Liberty Education Series.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ware Neck resident wins case in circuit court ruling - Ted Wilmot Seeks Revenge?

1:45 p.m. EDTJune 18, 2013

GLOUCESTER — Ware Neck resident Judith Doyel won a small victory in Gloucester County Circuit Court on Tuesday when a judge granted her request to divide a single property with two homes on it over the objections of county officials.
But her victory was tempered when County Attorney Ted Wilmot said he would appeal the case to the Virginia Supreme Court, a move that will cost Doyel thousands more in legal fees and an unknown amount of time waiting out the legal process.
Doyel and her attorney, Bob Hicks, had successfully convinced visiting Judge Walter J. Ford to grant the request to divide equally 7.4 acres on Marshfield Road in Ware Neck. Doyel has been trying to sell the property with two homes on it since December 2011.

A contract on the property a year ago was nullified, however, because an appraiser couldn't find any comparable properties to arrive at a value and no mortgage companies would lend the purchaser money to finance the sale, according to court testimony.
Doyel applied to subdivide the property and filed an application with the county last year, but it was denied by Planning Director Anne Ducey-Ortiz. In court, Ducey-Ortiz testified that as much as she wants to help Doyel, she is supposed to enforce county ordinances.
In Doyel's case, those zoning ordinances in her area prohibit lots of less than five acres with homes on them and bars private roads such as Marshfield serving more than 3 lots; the road serves five.
A farmhouse and a manufactured home were on the property prior to the enactment of the county's zoning and planning ordinances in 1998.
Hicks told Ford that Doyel isn't asking to put anything new on the property. The homes have separate driveways, septic systems, wells and even addresses and keeping them has become a financial hardship for her.
In his ruling, Ford said that Doyel has been deprived of her right to sell her property and "that's a hardship."
Wilmot's move to appeal the case caught Doyel and Hicks by surprise.
"It makes no sense," Doyel said.

This is typical of Gloucester County government.  This article lacks detail in regards to the ordinance in question.  We have shown numerous times on this site that Gloucester County has little to no regard for state law when making local ordinances and have made a number of local ordinances in violation of state law. Could this be another area where the county has done just that?  

  Maybe someone should sue Ted Wilmot for the hardships he is creating here.  This is also part of the reason Louise Theberge was voted out recently.  The people of Gloucester County are tired of these kinds of cruel politics and have made it well known that we are not going to take it anymore.  It would seem to us that there is a grandfather clause in this case seeing as the homes existed on the property prior to the 1998 zoning ordinance.  Is Judith Doyel just being milked here?

This is your county tax dollars working against a citizen of Gloucester.  Send Ted Wilmot an email letting him know not to waste your tax dollars like this.  His email address is
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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gloucester, VA - Readers Continuing Responses On Edge Hill Service Station Slated For Potential Demolition

Readers Respond Again.

"Yes, keep it going. You display your ignorance and wild leaps of "logic" which time will show are at best confused. The station was painted white prior to being sold to the current owner who plans to upgrade the existing building and corner. This reality has nothing to do with a planning document ... say what you will about the planning document's merit ... it is not prescriptive. Not even the long arm of zoning can force a property owner to comply with a planning document. So, like I said, keep up the ignorance and people will gradually see that you have no idea what you are talking about. I particularly like your brazen posting of my previous message and you will probably do the same with this one ... I hope. Ignorance is not bliss. on Gloucester, VA - Readers Respond To Edge Hill Service Station Slated For Possible Demolition"

You claim the reality has nothing to do with a planning document.  The story was about the planning document and what those plans include.  You have not followed this site for any length of time and it shows in your comments.  We have been covering what, in our opinion, are blatant disregards for the laws here in the county.  We have been covering numerous issues for the past year now.

  It is our opinion that the county can figure out a way to force the present property owner to comply with plans the county wants to force through based on what we have already seen done throughout the county.  It is through exposure of what the plans are that helps to possibly prevent such actions.  Please read the headlines of that first story again.  Slated for POTENTIAL demolition.

  You use an interesting choice of words in your argument.  "Not even the long arm of zoning can force a property owner to comply with a planning document".  Gee, really?  The county can force a property owner into complying with a court order though can't it?  Zoning along with codes and compliance can condemn the structure if the county thinks it's in the best interest can't they?  The county can sure make the life of the present owner miserable if the county so chooses to can't they?

  You argue like a lawyer and most people would never catch that little deceptive description so well placed.  Well done.  Let's look at some other facts you missed.  "The building was painted white before being sold to the present owner."  Since then it has undergone exterior structural repairs, painted again to an off white or light tan color, has had numerous murals painted on it's side and other numerous work to create a rather pleasing facade.  Though on the one hand of the term it may not meet certain criteria for period restoration, on another hand, it meets restoration for the overall outer appearance from what it once was not that long ago.

  If you want to argue the article for what it is not, go ahead and knock your socks off.

  Let's see if we are on the same page here anyway.  We would rather not see the structure demolished.  Reason for exposing plans.  It's not our choice what happens to it though.  It's up to the new owner(s) to do as they see fit with the property.  It's not the place of the county nor the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust to interfere with any property owner anywhere in the county unless the property represents a serious public health issue.  At no time should  county officials or even the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust be involved in creating plans for private property.

  Answer that question while on the subject.  Why is the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust even looking at private property and making potential plans for it's use when it does not even have the right to?  Please edumakate this 1st grade graduit since you are so well informed with obviously deep inside knowledge and bursting with such illuminating brilliance so that we no longer linger in ignorance.

  In regards to the brazen posting of your comments.  You posted it on this site, not us.  All we do is make it easier for everyone to see and we try to respond to all comments.   We look forward to being illuminated.

Another brazen bribe free MP3 download.  Daniel Bautista - The Four Seasons - Summer Presto.  This is a rock version of the song.  Well done.  CC Lic 3.0 attrib/share alike.  Our way of saying thanks for spending time with us.

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