Monday, July 23, 2012

Gloucester, VA Property Tax Abuses?

Are there abuses going on in the Gloucester County Tax offices?  We are starting to ask that question right now.  In our last story about Jeff Stillman and his questionable involvement in an animal cremation business, we started looking at property maps and taxes.  The cremation business is not listed with an address.  We had our Arizona staff look up and cross reference records.  They were surprised that a personal property with a new business such as this has had it's property taxes lowered.  With a large percentage of county residents mostly seeing tax increases on their properties over the last few years, how could this location have it's property taxes lowered?

  I asked them to dig deeper.  Once again, the property that Jeff and Crystal Wilkinson Stillman are on is owned by one John Wilkinson.  Crystal's father.  The Arizona team looked at the properties around 6464 Ark road to look at the tax structures there as well.  Properties owned there by John Wilkinson went down in the most recent tax assessments while neighbors had their taxes raised for the most part.  Not in every situation, but in the majority.

  So we asked them to dig some more.  Since Holli M Cohoon has recently been in our spotlight, we asked them to see what they could turn up there.  More very disturbing news.  Holli's husband is one Christopher Ellis Cohoon.  They live on Bellamy Lane in Gloucester.  Here is what our Arizona staff gave us.  The Cohoon's tax liability has gone down $47,000.00 on the last tax assessment.  Let's look at some other issues on this.  What we also have learned is that the Cohoon family did some extensive renovations and additions to their home before the tax reassessments.  The old assessment was 409,600.00 dollars and the new assessment after renovations is now 362,400.00 dollars.  Over a 47,000.00 dollars drop.  

View Larger Map  Location of the Cohoon residence.  

All of this is a matter of public records.  So we are not reporting anything at all a secret at any level.  This is a neighborhood where property values should be up, not down.  Now of course this has given us a whole new area of further investigations.  Our next person to look at was Steve Baraneck.  10377 West View Hills Road.  His property taxes went up.  From 269,000.00 to 302,800.00 dollars.  That's over 33,000.00 dollars in an increase.  We are wondering who he ticked off.  His neighbors did not see this type of a dramatic increase in tax value assessments.  Not even close.

  Now here is yet another question.  How can someone who works for Animal Control, a notoriously low paying job, afford a house valued in this price range?  Sugar momma or income from undisclosed sources?  Either way, our team in Arizona now have a list of more properties to start investigating and a lot of questions to start asking.  

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