Friday, July 27, 2012

Jeff Stillman Burning Animals By Local Schools And Churches

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We looked at the local Gloucester map again where Jeff Stillman of Animal Control is burning animals and noticed that it is located in very close proximity to two schools, Bethal elementary school and Peasley middle School as well as Bethal baptist church.   So if the wind blows the right way, all the local children have the extreme pleasure of breathing in little fluffy being burnt to a crispy ashes.  We said before that we highly question Jeff Stillman's involvement with this animal cremation business being an Animal Control officer right here in Gloucester.  That really has such a huge potential for a conflict of interest.  In the event he claims he is not involved?  Here is the evidence right from their Facebook page.

Of course there is more evidence on here showing Jeff is active in the business.  Can you imagine coming out of church and having ash land on you only to discover that it's ash from someone's pet?  How about your son or daughter going to school and having ash land on them from some animals being burnt by Jeff and his wife.  Maybe you do not mind your children breathing in the smoke from some horse being cremated only right down the street?  Honestly.

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