Friday, July 27, 2012

Holli M Cohoon Now Harassing Victim?

Is Holli M Cohoon now harassing the victim she gave highly questionable testimony against?  

Let's go back to the beginning on this.  Holli M Cohoon was once a 911 operator for the Gloucester, VA Sheriff's Office.  We have been reporting for some time now on this case and we have shown that at the very least, Holli has lied in court.  Now all of a sudden from out of nowhere, the victim gets this emergency protective order a few days after we released a story on Holli and her Sunrise Donut shop.

  The victim in this case was initially raided by the Gloucester, VA Sheriff's Office, under Sheriff Steve Gentry, and Gloucester, VA Animal control without a search warrant.  A search warrant was not issued to this victim until later in the day after she was released from jail.  This victim had no idea was she was even taken to jail.

Click Image to enlarge.  Names and personal 
information removed for privacy.

We have shown that the search warrant that was given to the victim after being released from jail was not valid in any area of law.  We showed also that this victim had all kinds of false evidence used against her by Gloucester, VA Animal Control and the Gloucester, VA Sheriff's Office.  We show that Holli's testimony was no where near the other false evidence given by others presenting further false evidence.
We have shown how the evidence is false.

  The victim in this case has been working on a lawsuit against Holli M Cohoon for some time now and it is opinion that Holli may have gotten wind of a pending lawsuit and is using this as a way to throw off the case.  So is this a harassment attempt by Holli?

 When putting together a lawsuit, you get detailed information on what the other party owns in order to determine if the lawsuit can be justified.

Now here is some other information we find very interesting.  We went over the above document with a fine tooth comb and see that Gloucester County court officials followed everything to the letter of the law.  Now how is it they can do this now but were unable to do this in the past?  Every area properly signed, every aspect properly dated and executed.  Yet on the search warrant given after the raid on the victim, nothing was done properly.  Go back into our archives and see for yourself.  We posted that evidence.  Or Click Here to see all the evidence from this case.

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