Saturday, July 28, 2012

Is Holli Cohoon Stalking This Victim? Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors Do Not Deny Corruption

One of our team members posed an interesting legal question that we just are not able to answer.  How did Holli Cohoon get the address of the victim in this case?  Did she pull favors from the Gloucester, VA Sheriff's Office who would have then illegally given Holli the victim's private information?  Did the information come from maybe an old friend at the 911 call center who would have had access to pull those files and again illegally gave them to Holli?  Or is someone in the Gloucester, VA Sheriff's Office using Holli as a front?

  Here are some interesting points.  We sent detailed information about this case to the Gloucester, VA Board of Supervisors.  We received confirmation that they received the emails.  They have done nothing about the information about the case hence they do not deny the corruption.  Because we have shed a lot of light on the corruption of the Gloucester County Sheriff''s Office, Gloucester County Animal Control and a number of members of the court system and even the county attorney, Ted Wilmot, this looks like a way in which they are trying to stop the news from coming out.  Did we get to close to some other corruption?  Property tax abuses or something else?

Go back and look at Holli's court testimony against the victim in this case and listen to the 911 call.  They do NOT match up.   In fact, we contracted a professional 911 operator who explained in detail to us every area on the 911 recording that protocol was thrown out and nothing on that call could have been authentic in any way.  The recording was a complete violation of 911 procedures.  This is a link right to the 911 call recording as provided by the Gloucester County, VA Sheriff's Office and used in court. is Holli's actual court testimony.  So it would seen that the victims are once again being victimized even further.

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  1. Thank you for providing this information. I have been researching any others -that may have witnessed or experienced,what may be described as corruption. From many in the Gloucester court system. Court appointed gal’s,commonwealth attorney’s,and well known attorneys running the show for their clients.judge allowing in their presence in their court room has proved ,the corruption not being done secretly or discreetly. Evidence prove many involved . Who do we trust ? How does one get due justice in Gloucester court system. Who can stop this madness ? I am going to continue my research .I have witnessed injustice ,in many areas in the legal system. That no person must endure under va. Laws. Any one wondering why Gloucester county has become a breeding ground for crime, drugs, theft and Murder . I have personally talked to older long term residents that expressed the corruption has been known for many years .


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