Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bill Gates Owner Of 220ft White Cloud Ship?

Bill and Melinda Gates during their visit to t...
Bill and Melinda Gates during their visit to the Oslo Opera House in June 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Story by Chuck Thompson for GVLN.

Is Bill Gates the owner of the 220ft White Cloud ship?  69th largest private ship in the world.  Make no mistake about it.  This ship may be a bit older in design, but she is still an incredible beauty.  Just look at how she dwarfs all the other boats around her.  And yes, that is a real full size helicopter on the back deck.  For years everyone has been trying to learn who the owner of this ship is.  All of the information out there confirms that she is American owned.  Attempts to find out who the owner is by the public has not proved successful.

  Photos of the White Cloud by;  Chuck Thompson of TTC Media. 

Now there are a good number of people who fit the profile in the US to own this ship, however, none fit the profile better than Bill Gates.  He's retired and traveling the world with his wife giving away millions to certain charities.  The White Cloud is seen all over the world docked in some beautiful areas.  We met with some of the staff of the White Cloud and spoke with them.  They are well trained never to reveal the ownership of this boat.  

The pictures of the White Cloud above were taken in Yorktown, Virginia back in 2010.  Post below in the comments section and let us know where you have seen the White Cloud ship.  She makes an incredible impact wherever she goes.  

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