Monday, July 23, 2012

Jeff Stillman of Gloucester Animal Control Hits Our Spotlight Again

I  have lived in Gloucester Virginia for as long as I can remember. I live on a farm that I grew up on, with my husband and 2 great kids with our horse, goats, dogs, bunnies ,and a cat. We love being around animals and want to help in any way we can. We decided , after talking with my husband to start our own animal cremation service not long after my sheltie , Shadow, I had for 11 years past away due to cancer. We had him cremated back in 2004. That is when we realized that there was not many places local that offered this service.  

We want to be able to help other animal lover with their 4 legged family members passing needs

The above are the words as found on a website named Shadow Farms Animal Cremation Services.  The site and the cremation services are provided right here in Gloucester County. On the property of Jeff Stillman's wife's father, one John Wilkenson, where both Jeff and his wife Crystal live.  Great, these folks own a business.  More power to anyone who owns a business.  I'm all for it, that is as long as it has no potential to possibly interfere with one's job.  

  This is where the story begins.  Jeff Stillman is an Animal Control Officer right here in Gloucester County.  With this particular job, there is a very real chance for a conflict of interest and in multiple ways.  Does Jeff contract with the county to burn road kill that in the past was just taken to the dump?  Does Jeff put undue pressure on animal owners around Gloucester to use his services?  

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Location of the cremation services is 6464 Ark Road.  

 Another area that really bothers us is the question of this being a great place to get rid of evidence.   Exactly how is the County allowing him to have ownership in a business that is clearly a serious conflict of interest concern?  Did his wife or someone else lie on county records as to ownership of the business?  Look at the statement above once again.  Jeff is actively involved in this business and as an Animal Control Officer.  That means there is a very real potential for some serious conflicts of interest.  

The above is a screen shot of the site.  Click To Enlarge The Image.

Another curious area about the Shadow Farms site is the lack of location for these services.  You have to contact them for this.  That's an interesting way of doing business.

Now it is obvious that his wife Crystal Wilkinson Stillman put this site together runs the blog part of it and does the ordering.  Bet it's Jeff that does all the dirty work though.  Look at her writing and it does not seem to be in here to even stomach the dirty side of the business.  CLICK HERE to visit the Shadow Farms Cremation Services, Inc website.

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