Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gloucester, VA - Free Tools For Local Businesses Number 1

Instead of the Shop Local campaign, as far as Gloucester Main Street businesses are concerned, here is an idea for local businesses to come together on and create.  Everyone is free to copy the example above and expand on it in any way that works for you.

The above here is another example of what can be created through a cooperative.  Numerous restaurants can get together and create a one page promo piece that shows community pride, promotes tourism and promotes each restaurant.  We are starting to work on a number of pieces that you will be able to download and add your own information to it and will create multiple promotions, working as a community information service as well as promoting your own business.  Some will be time sensitive while others will be all year round.  You can use anything you think will work for you.

  As these are developed, we will teach you how to use them for maximum advantage and at a very low cost.  Much lower than other forms of advertising.  The pieces will all be designed for anyone to use.  The new tools will be licensed under a creative commons license so that no issues should occur.  How inexpensive will some of these new pieces be?  Whatever your time is worth while others are strictly a printing cost per page.

  We kept thinking about how bad we thought the Shop Local campaign was for local merchants and as we cried out about poor leadership under the Shop Local campaign, we saw the need for leadership to happen somewhere.  So we are going to take that position and help you at no cost to you.  You decide if you want to participate.  We also do not care if you are a small business or a big box business.  If you think the tools we give you will help you, then participate.  If not, no hard feelings.

  We will be posting the new tools for download on a regular basis, so you will have to keep coming back to see the new offers and decide if you want to use them.  We will try and use the same heading for new tools with updated numbering.  This is number 1.  We will also discuss newspaper ads and show the advantages to cooperatives and how to get into a cooperative possibly for free.  

  Networked together we can make a serious impact for both local businesses and for the community as a whole.

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