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Gloucester, VA - Readers Continuing Responses On Edge Hill Service Station Slated For Potential Demolition

Readers Respond Again.

"Yes, keep it going. You display your ignorance and wild leaps of "logic" which time will show are at best confused. The station was painted white prior to being sold to the current owner who plans to upgrade the existing building and corner. This reality has nothing to do with a planning document ... say what you will about the planning document's merit ... it is not prescriptive. Not even the long arm of zoning can force a property owner to comply with a planning document. So, like I said, keep up the ignorance and people will gradually see that you have no idea what you are talking about. I particularly like your brazen posting of my previous message and you will probably do the same with this one ... I hope. Ignorance is not bliss. on Gloucester, VA - Readers Respond To Edge Hill Service Station Slated For Possible Demolition"

You claim the reality has nothing to do with a planning document.  The story was about the planning document and what those plans include.  You have not followed this site for any length of time and it shows in your comments.  We have been covering what, in our opinion, are blatant disregards for the laws here in the county.  We have been covering numerous issues for the past year now.

  It is our opinion that the county can figure out a way to force the present property owner to comply with plans the county wants to force through based on what we have already seen done throughout the county.  It is through exposure of what the plans are that helps to possibly prevent such actions.  Please read the headlines of that first story again.  Slated for POTENTIAL demolition.

  You use an interesting choice of words in your argument.  "Not even the long arm of zoning can force a property owner to comply with a planning document".  Gee, really?  The county can force a property owner into complying with a court order though can't it?  Zoning along with codes and compliance can condemn the structure if the county thinks it's in the best interest can't they?  The county can sure make the life of the present owner miserable if the county so chooses to can't they?

  You argue like a lawyer and most people would never catch that little deceptive description so well placed.  Well done.  Let's look at some other facts you missed.  "The building was painted white before being sold to the present owner."  Since then it has undergone exterior structural repairs, painted again to an off white or light tan color, has had numerous murals painted on it's side and other numerous work to create a rather pleasing facade.  Though on the one hand of the term it may not meet certain criteria for period restoration, on another hand, it meets restoration for the overall outer appearance from what it once was not that long ago.

  If you want to argue the article for what it is not, go ahead and knock your socks off.

  Let's see if we are on the same page here anyway.  We would rather not see the structure demolished.  Reason for exposing plans.  It's not our choice what happens to it though.  It's up to the new owner(s) to do as they see fit with the property.  It's not the place of the county nor the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust to interfere with any property owner anywhere in the county unless the property represents a serious public health issue.  At no time should  county officials or even the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust be involved in creating plans for private property.

  Answer that question while on the subject.  Why is the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust even looking at private property and making potential plans for it's use when it does not even have the right to?  Please edumakate this 1st grade graduit since you are so well informed with obviously deep inside knowledge and bursting with such illuminating brilliance so that we no longer linger in ignorance.

  In regards to the brazen posting of your comments.  You posted it on this site, not us.  All we do is make it easier for everyone to see and we try to respond to all comments.   We look forward to being illuminated.

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