Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gloucester, VA - Shop Local A Total Bust But We Have A Surprise For Local Businesses.

There are times when we would prefer to be wrong about an issue, and the Shop Local campaign is one of those issues we would rather have been wrong about.  Our hearts go out to the local businesses that planned for and were hoping an increase in business would have come on the Shop Local event day.

  The Gloucester Mathews Gazette Journal confirmed what we knew ahead of time, the results of this event are being called an attempt to get local residents and visitors to take advantage of the selection and service offered by local independent stores.  In other words, it was a complete bust.  We have two new campaigns coming very soon to help local businesses advertise themselves very effectively and also contribute to the community and tourism all at the same time.  Plus we have plans where each business will be giving away something of value to each customer and all at no cost to the business.  Just some planning time and very low cost printing.  Much cheaper than any other form of advertising.

  The campaigns can be used by any business and no two businesses using the campaign will be in competition with any others also using the campaign.  Something that the Gloucester Main Street Association and or the Gloucester County tourism should have stepped up to do a long time ago.  The new campaigns are specifically designed to be used in Gloucester County only.  Outside businesses would not be able to take advantage of these campaigns as they are centered around Gloucester County.  But enough of giving away the surprise we have coming for you.  It's back to the final touches and getting it set up for you to take advantage of.

  Another Free MP3 Download Now Available.  CC Lic attrib/share alike non commercial distribution.  Our way of saying thanks for spending time with us.

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