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Gloucester, VA - What Are The Board of Supervisors And The GMSPT Hiding?

Since we posted our article on the planning documents for Gloucester Main Street area, showing that these documents contain plans for the potential demolition of the Edge Hill Service Station, we have had several attacks against us.  The attacks stopped once we asked the right question.  Why have plans been made against private property?

What business do Gloucester County officials and the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust have making plans that look at private property?  Why did Gloucester County Board of Supervisors vote 7 to zero to accept looking at these plans when they should have known that the plans have highly questionable tactics loaded into them?  Louise Theberge should know full well that the plans contained this issue since she is on both boards.

  If you look at the attackers comments, you will see that the person is close to the issues.  "Yes, keep it going. You display your ignorance and wild leaps of "logic" which time will show are at best confused. The station was painted white prior to being sold to the current owner who plans to upgrade the existing building and corner. This reality has nothing to do with a planning document ... say what you will about the planning document's merit ... it is not prescriptive. Not even the long arm of zoning can force a property owner to comply with a planning document. So, like I said, keep up the ignorance and people will gradually see that you have no idea what you are talking about. I particularly like your brazen posting of my previous message and you will probably do the same with this one ... I hope. Ignorance is not bliss. on Gloucester, VA - Readers Respond To Edge Hill Service Station Slated For Possible Demolition"

  The attack is made at the personal level towards us and uses deceptive language designed to take what we presented off track.  We presented a copy of the planning documents showing the plans for potential demolition.  This was the first attack on us when we did.

"Please keep posting stories like this. They prove that you have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about.

The restoration of the station has hardly begun with much work left. Check your facts before you post alarmist articles. I'm guessing you have not spoken with the owners ... they would have told you what is actually going on. "

These pages come right off of the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust's site.  We didn't make this stuff up.  This is the exact information that was presented to the Board of Supervisors that they voted 7-0 to accept looking over. Why the attacks?  What are they hiding?  These documents are public though very hard to find and take forever to download.  These documents clearly show plans for the Edge Hill Service Station.  According to our attacker, the new owner has other plans for the service station which would mean that both the GMSPT and Gloucester County officials are violating the rights of private property and the rights of the new owner as well as the rights of private enterprise.  Is this why we were attacked?  To get this information off the site so that the public would not figure this out?

  Are there plans to somehow take over this property from the present owner?  We do not know, we are only asking the question.  It's disturbing to see issues like this when you have Louise Theberge being the chairperson of the Gloucester County Board of Supervisors and also on the board of the Gloucester Main street Preservation Trust, playing both sides.  You will never get a straight answer.

  Now part of our story covered the issue that Edge Hill has been restored.  The facade at present does not look anything like our top picture.  

The building now is an off white or light tan color with murals painted on it's side and numerous exterior damage has been  repaired.  Hence the exterior meets the term restored.  Maybe not period restored, but restored never the less.  

  That took money.  Tearing it down after all this work would seem a shame unless the inside is in such disrepair that the required repairs would be more expensive than it's worth.  Not likely though.  So again, why the attacks?  What is someone trying to hide?  The attacker is attacking us like we made up the planning document.  We reported to the public what part of the planning document contains.  We will be covering more of the planning document as it has some pretty ridiculous areas to it.

  Why did the attacker call the initial article alarmist when all we did was show the public what the planning documents contain?  Once that was brought up, the attacker went to another direction.  And again, you can see that this is someone inside.  Inside which organization is part of the question.  County official?  Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust?    The attacker states that the planning document is not prescriptive.  Again, why was the Edge Hill Service Station even included in the plans then?  

  Something just isn't right here and what happens to this property in the future might just be a very telling tale.

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