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Gloucester, VA - What Is Our Commonwealth And Local Government?

From, one of our readers:

"Open Letter to Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia,

Mr. Thompson is writing about the history of Gloucester.  We have a rich history and very much were involved in the forming of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States.  There are only four states in the US that are Commonwealths.
Wikipedia says this: “Commonwealth is a traditional English term for a political community founded for the common good. Historically, it has sometimes been synonymous with "republic".

Based on this why should we allow a few individuals to dictate to us things that are not for the common good?

                Is it for the common good for the Board of Supervisors tell us we are going to pay for services we do not want such as sewers and improvements to the court house area that are cost prohibited and making it difficult for our “local merchants” to unduly suffer?
The men that set up our government did not do it to enrich themselves; they did it for their children and grandchildren.  Most of them went to the grave a whole lot poorer than they would have if they thought about themselves first.  Not so with our present politicians.  No I am not talking about the people in Washington D.C.  That is too far away and too hard to influence.  I am talking about our local government.  They violate the Public Trust and think nothing of it.  Not all of them.  Some people we have representing us are good people.  However, these people are allowing the bad apples to do what they want by not standing up and being counted.

Why is our local government in the business of business?  The only use for a government is to provide services that do not make sense at the individual level – where does the local government fit into this picture: schools, police.  What about highways – State level service with federal funding thrown in?  What about garbage – contracted by the local government to a private company.  What about sewers – Hampton Roads Sanitation Department provides this service for those that do not have septic systems controlled by the State Health Department. What about water – we have our own service?  Why? It should be part of the water department from the Peninsula that covers most local areas on the Peninsula similar to sewage.  These services could be argued either way but let us look at businesses the county is involved in.  Selling ornaments of Gloucester County; maybe a local for profit business would like to do this.  Maps?  Gloucester County is responsible for the map and accuracy to ensure first responders make it to your house on time, why is this not contracted to businesses that do this full time and have staffs to handle anything that is needed such as NAVTEQ.  Why is the county selling maps?  There are other businesses the county is getting involved in.  Write a letter to Mr Thompson to be published on this site.  He will post it anonymously to protect your identity the same as this letter.

Can what you write make a difference?  Yes, the hard work of Mr Thompson resulted in Gloucester County changing Animal Control Codes.  With the help of more people writing in and speaking up we can get the government we want and not what we have or have forced on us.

Sincerely, Anonymous.

Well said.  A government by the people, for the people?  Now that is simply revolutionary.

Dont Tread On Me Gadsden Flag

If we do not know our history, we are sure to repeat it and that is not always for the better.  Often times it proves to be for the worst.  By knowing our history, we can chart our future in a much better way.  Our American Form of government that seems to disappear more and more each hour of each day was the result of our forefathers knowing and understanding history and knowing what worked as well as what didn't.

  Part of the tools we are giving to every business in Gloucester County is history based so that we may remember where it is we came from to better understand where it is we want to go.  Are you happy with where you and everyone else around you seem to be going?  Are you happy with rising prices, falling incomes and increasing taxes?

  Are you happy to constantly be asked to surrender your freedoms for the false sense of security that never materializes?  Do you look at the future and think of all the incredible opportunities that have disappeared before our eyes?  Or do you feel happy glued to the TV when you are not working and wondering what you should watch next and are now trying to figure out how you got to this web site and what the heck are you reading?

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