Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ted Continues Rant Over Edge Hill Service Station's Potential Demolition

Ted continues his rant over the potential demolition of the Edge Hill Service Station.  He sent us the following two links.
is the first link.   Here is the second link.  

We see issues with the stories at these two links, however, that has not been our focus.  We reported on the potential demolition of Edge Hill Service Station as we found documents on the Gloucester Main Street Preservation Trust site that clearly shows optional plans for the Stations potential demolition.

We did not create these plans, they are public on the GMSPT's site.  Ted is upset that these plans have been made public here.  His argument shouldn't be with us but instead the GMSPT who's plans they are.  So we are going to help Ted find his way as he seems rather lost.  What you need to do Ted is go to the GMSPT and get them to issue you a legal statement that they no longer back these plans if that is the case.  You will also then want to get them to update their site that shows they are no longer backing these plans if that is the case.

  You will then also want to find out if the GMSPT has filed these plans with the county.  If so, you will then need to do the same thing with the county and get legal statements to show that these potential plans are no longer being considered by the county.  Once you have done all of this, you may want to go to the paper and have them publish a story that the plans are no longer supported.  We have seen nothing that legally retracts these plans.  These are all current plans on the GMSPT site.  It's just wonderful that the Fairfield Foundation has plans for the site.  But that could be a problem for Fairfield that you really should address there Ted.

  Get back to us when you have completed all of these steps and are able to show that they are legal and not just hearsay talk.  See ya in about 6 months or so if you can ever get that done.  Hope that clears Ted's confusion.  We hate to see him like that.

Free MP3 Download - Sandrine Erdely Sayo -  Listz Hungarian Rhapsody No.12 is the track here to help calm poor Ted's nerves.  It's a nice classical music piece.
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