Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gloucester, VA Where American History Really Begins, Ad A Hit Already.

This is the recent stats on the new advertising piece we have uploaded for all local businesses to take advantage of.  We are not even test marketing the piece in any way and have already taken 149 hits within 2 days of hosting the file.  Imagine what we can do if we actually market this out there?  In other words, don't get left behind on this one.  It's already showing it's hot without even trying.  These stats show that we can make a very positive impact for Gloucester businesses and the community as a whole.

  All of the source files are a few short posts underneath this one along with a sample of what the ad looks like and of course there is no cost to get involved with any of our ads.  Our other ad that promotes the Rosewell Ruins has already taken 73 hits and again we have done nothing to promote it.  Any local business becomes the ad sponsor for free and gets to give away a valuable e-book to boot and again all at no cost to the ad sponsor.  You have to love it when you see a plan starting to come together.

Free MP3 Download - Paganini - Cantabile in D major (1824)

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Classical music.  Our way of saying thanks for spending time with us.

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