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Virginia Constitution And Local Government Concerns For Today

English: 1830 Constitution of Virginia, Page 1
English: 1830 Constitution of Virginia, Page 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia,

For the Common Good.“  Have you ever read the Constitution of the United States?  How about the Constitution of Virginia?

The Virginia Constitution is similar.  Virginia is able to focus within its borders and does not have to consider the defense from the outside because several states banded together to form a union like none in history.  We have a lot to be proud of for the work the founding fathers and mothers did to create this great county.

The Constitution was written by men from all walks of life that wanted us to not live under the rule of an unjust government.  I am not a lawyer so I am not giving you a legal definition but what these writings mean to me.

As we were taught in history Thomas Jefferson thought the original Constitution should contain a Bill of Rights.  It did not happen immediately but it happened.  The Virginia Constitution begins with a Bill of Rights similar to those in the US Constitution.
What is not said and nor taught is these Bills of Rights are the responsibilities of the people.  It was not given to us to sit back and do nothing it is something we have to work for or we will lose.

Article 1 Section 1 is Equality and rights of man. We have to work together for the common good or be torn apart by those that want to treat us unfairly.  We are better together than apart.  Walter Reed, a son of Gloucester Virginia knew this and what he did was for the common good. 

What can we do for the common good relating to Article 1 Section 1 of the Virginia Constitution?  Let your county representative know the things they are doing that are not in accordance with section and that unless they change we will replace them with someone that will for the rules of law and the Virginia Constitution.  What is an example:  The Board of Supervisors have adopted a plan for the Court House Area.  It is not published or available for review, that I am able to find (parts of the proposal has been published on this web site; however there are very limited details).

  From what I have been able to find out it will raise our taxes while the Board of Supervisors try to make our Court House area look like the city centers that are being built on the peninsula.  We do not have the tax base or the need for another imitation European City. The proposal will take away the rights of the property owners.  How is this affecting us besides the higher taxes? The shop owners will have to raise prices to pay to make the changes dictated by the county.  Another area is our school system.  Here we are letting the school system and the county Board of Supervisors know how we feel.  Good job we must keep up the good fight to make things right.  Our pens and our votes are the way to correct what is wrong and they are effective as long as we remember or history. 


Alexander James Jay

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