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Rosewell's Legacies Continue To Live On

Rosewell Ruins - By Chuck Thompson of TTC Media
Rosewell Ruins - By Chuck Thompson of TTC Media (Photo credit: Battleofthehook)

American History" target="_blank">Rosewell Ruins and American History from Chuck Thompson

Rosewell, the mansion and one of the finest homes built in all of colonial America may be in ruins today, but it's legacies continue to live on in both the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as the United States as a whole.  With Mann Page who was one of Virginia's governor's and Thomas Jefferson who spent a great deal of time with his friend Mann Page, the seeds of liberty were well sown in this home.  It has been a Gloucester rumor that the Declaration of Independence were drafted here.  Though there is no evidence to support the idea that Jefferson came back to Gloucester to do so, there is a reasonable argument that can be made that through the many conversations between Mann Page and Thomas Jefferson, the ideas for such a draft did originate here.  So it becomes a matter of semantics.

  Rosewell Ruins is the focus of our new free tools for local businesses.  We have designed an advertising piece around the famous ruins in order to help local businesses promote themselves and at the same time promote tourism, history and the Rosewell Foundation all in one single shot.  We are also giving away a free e-book of Gloucester, Virginia history 1893 along with this ad.  Businesses will be able to copy a link for the download of the e-book to their site and give away this e-book to their customers and their customers will never know where it actually came from.

  There are more of these types of ads coming for local businesses as well and businesses can mix and match or just stick to one ad that they want to work with.  There are no costs to any of the businesses to get involved in sponsoring any of the ads.  The only real costs are for printing the pages of the ads for distribution plus the time it takes to set up each ad for the individual business that the business is in complete control of.

  We are hosting and licensing the source files for local businesses here and the information for this ad campaign will be available by May 8th, 2013 if not sooner.  We are also hosting and licensing the e-books for business distribution.  There are no costs for this either.

https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5NJpRCvjyV8V2VUZVE4RkxzLWM/edit?usp=sharing  This is the download link to the free e-book on Gloucester History written in 1893.  The e-book itself is an historical piece of history in electronic form.  It's free to everyone.  This will also be the same link put up along with the source files shortly.

This is a copy of the book and can be read right here online.  It can also be downloaded from our SlideShare account.  Businesses can also host the SlideShare e-book on their site if they think it would help.  We hope local business enjoy these new tools.

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