Monday, May 6, 2013

Gloucester, VA - Where American History Really Begins

Did the history books get it wrong?  In the above file, we are arguing that if Pocahontas had not saved Captain John Smith from his death sentence, then it is a reasonable assumption to believe that Jamestown would have faced a similar fate to that of the Roanoke Island settlement.  Just another colony that vanished with little or no information as to what really happened and that this is what our present history books might read like today.

  With that argument presented, we further argue that American history really begins in Gloucester, Virginia then.  Can we really win that argument?  No, not really and would not expect to.  The piece is designed as an advertising piece for local businesses to take advantage of and help bring history and education to everyone.  With it, local businesses can advertise themselves by becoming ad sponsors and inserting their information into a space provided specifically for them on the ad.  There is no cost to local businesses to become ad sponsors other than downloading the ad file, inserting their information into the space provided and then printing costs.  One last step the businesses need to take is to post a link on their web sites for a free e-book download that is being hosted by us.

  So when someone visits the ad sponsors store, they can pick up one of these ads and if the purpose of the ad works, the shopper will later visit the ad sponsors web site to download the free e-book and seeing more reasons to come back and shop at the ad sponsors business again and maybe even recommend the shop or business to others.  Plus it puts a positive spin on the county and reasons for exploring the area.  So it's great for tourism.  The business gets to give away something of value and it does not cost the business anything to give this e-book away.

  We are developing an entire series of these that any business is free to take advantage of.  Each new ad will have a different free offer when the ad calls for one.  If a local business does not care for one ad but likes another one, then they are free to choose what they think will best help them.  There is no competition on these ads.  It does not matter if 30 other businesses are using this ad piece, it still does the same job for each one.  Businesses can also mix and match the ads as they become available, giving out different ones in a mix.

  Look for Free Tools For Local Businesses No 3 for the source files that is coming next and will be available on May 6th, 2013.  Here is the link for the free e-book, "The Pocahontas - John Smith Story."  We will be putting this up on anther page here as well very soon.

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