Sunday, June 9, 2013

GVLN - New Programming Guide - Free Download

programming-guide" title="GVLN Programming Guide" target="_blank">GVLN Programming Guide from Chuck Thompson

We are moving to a new programming format starting on June 10th, 2013 that is similar in nature to a TV guide style program.  Each day we will feature a new episode of a classic TV show except on Friday's, Saturday's and Sunday's.  On those days we will be featuring classic movies or cartoons.  See the above programming guide to see what is new.

  You can download a copy of the new programming guide from our SlideShare site.  Just click on the link above to go to the site for the download.  This will give the site a very consistent look and feel.  You know what to expect each and every day and week.  In the future, we will change some of the classic TV shows and may add or remove certain features, when this happens, we will make the proper changes to the programming guide so that everyone can stay up with the new changes.  We hope everyone enjoys these new features.
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