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Smokers Now Responsible For World Destruction

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First it was complaints about smokers and then complaints about secondhand smoke.  Many of the complaints are more than fair.  But now the new mantra coming out is third hand smoke?  Really?  No joke.  The newest complaints are now the effects of third hand smoke.  MPNNCSB is now running ads as well as planting what seems like fake letters to the editor of newspapers complaining of third hand smoke.

This is a very blatant targeting of people and would we dare say, profiling of a certain class of people?

One letter to the editor of a local paper stated that this one person goes around picking up the cigarette butts of smokers off the ground because the butts are so toxic to our environment.  One cigarette butt can contaminate 2.5 gallons of water.  The article also pointed out that it takes 13 years for a cigarette butt to disintegrate.  13 years?  And how many millions of taxpayer dollars went into that study?  Also, was that a plastic filter that was used to determine that?  Most manufacturers do not use plastic filters anymore but a small amount of brands still do.  The letter did not state what type of filter was studied or who did the study, so it was not a real complaint in our book.  Just a false statement at best.

  What we want to know is who is going around putting drip pans underneath all the parked vehicles in all the parking lots across the world to collect the oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, anti-freeze and other contaminants that are leaking out of automobiles on a regular basis causing by far more caustic issues than someone's cigarette butt.  Where is the screaming mantra about a vehicle free workplace?  Why isn't anyone demanding that every owner of property install drip pans in the parking lots to collect all of these contaminants from vehicles?  Imagine the industry that can be created by collecting and recycling all of these fluids?

  Also, what about all of the exhaust coming out of every running vehicle?  Should we now argue that mechanics need to work outdoors because of all the toxic air inside the garage where they work?  What about when they go home and all the third hand smells from all the grease, oil and other vehicle fluid contaminants that mechanics are loaded with?  Should they be forced to stay out of stores until they are decontaminated?

  The ads of MPNNCSB target people and do nothing to address the underlying issues of those addicted to tobacco.  No solutions are offered.  Only complaints. So let's look at other very serious issues that this group needs to be addressing.  Such as indoor air quality.

And exactly how is MPNNCSB addressing these issues?  Well they are not.  Instead they are attacking a group of people.  What we want to know is when are they going to come up with fourth hand smoke and fifth hand smoke issues.  Further complaints we saw in one of the letters to the editor is recycling cigarette butts and how you can't because they are so highly contaminated.  It's like recycling grease.  No one wants it.

  We understand the dangers of smoking and understand that most people do not want to be around tobacco smoke.  That is not the issue.  To continue to complain about smokers instead of addressing the underlying issues is a farce at best.  Create all the smoke free workplaces you want and let smokers refuse to spend even a dime with you.  Until these people address all the other issues, they should really stop these complaints.  If you agree, you can call them at 1-888-PREV-550 or 1-804-642-5402 or email them at prevent@mpnn.state.va.us

  Smokers need to demand that their tax dollars not be wasted on such foolishness.

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