Friday, June 14, 2013

Recipe of the day - How To Make Exotic Sugars

English: A bowl filled with sugar
English: A bowl filled with sugar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We recently ran across an article on how to make lavender sugar and the process was so easy that it lead to an entire host of really neat ways to create something extraordinary from something as simple as sugar.  The recipe for lavender sugar is very simple.  Put fresh lavender flowers into a muslin bag and put it into the middle of a sealed container of sugar.  Let it sit for about a month.  After one month, remove the muslin bag of lavender.  You now have lavender flavored sugar.

Great for tea's and not all that bad in coffee.  It imparts a light flavor.  For quicker results that can yield even more stunning flavors, add any type of extract to a paper napkin or towel and wrap lightly in either wax paper or plastic film.  Lay on top of sugar in a sealed jar.  Let stand for a few days and then remove, if desired, the paper towel extract and it's container.

  One can make lemon sugar, rum flavored sugar, vanilla flavored sugar, peppermint flavored sugar, or anything else one can think of.  How about a raspberry flavored sugar?  You are only limited to your imagination here.   Of course this is how candy all came about.  But we are actually doing something a bit different than making candy.
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