Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Recipe Of The Day- Rice Dumplings

Uncooked, polished, white long-grain rice grains
Uncooked, polished, white long-grain rice grains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Best way to prepare the rice:

it is best to soak the rice in water over-night, as it then requires less time to boil it,
and moreover, when soaked, the rice becomes lighter, from the fact that
the grains separate more readily while boiling. Put the rice on to boil
in plenty of cold water, stirring it from the bottom of the saucepan
occasionally while it is boiling fast; when the grains separate at the
ends, and thus appear to form the letter X, the rice will be done; it
requires about half an hour's gentle boiling. When the rice is done,
drain it in a colander, and place it before the fire, stirring it now
and then with a fork.


Boil one pound of rice as directed in the foregoing above, and when
thoroughly drained free from excess of moisture, knead the rice with a
spoon in a basin into a smooth, compact kind of paste, and use this to
cover some peeled apples with in the same way as you would make an
ordinary apple dumpling. In order the better to enable you to handle the
rice-paste with ease, I recommend that each time previously to shaping
one of the dumplings, you should first dip your clean hands in cold
water. Let the dumplings, when finished, be tied up in small cloths, and
boiled in plenty of hot water for about three-quarters of an hour. The
cloths used for these dumplings must be greased.

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