Monday, June 10, 2013

Recipe of the day - Sweet Dough

Yeast bread dough after proving for 40 minutes
Yeast bread dough after proving for 40 minutes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the days of long ago, yeast, ammonia, pearl ash, honey water and
a treacle mixture were used to lighten cakes--before the time of
dependable baking powder.

In Europe the housewife makes from bread dough delicious cakes with
yeast. These provide splendid variety. They include savarins, babas,
and yeast-raised fruit cakes.

Many women fail in making these delicious goodies because they do not
realize that the addition of large amounts of sugar, fruit, shortening
and eggs to yeast dough, unless carefully handled, is apt to produce
heavy, moist cakes that lack the light, velvety texture which makes
cake a success.

The addition of nuts, cake crumbs and fruit will afford a large

A sponge dough is necessary for successful results.

From Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book by Mary Wilson.  
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