Thursday, June 13, 2013

Louise Theberge Gets Her Well Deserved Vacation - Window Weather Forcast

Open Letter to the Citizens of Gloucester County Virginia

Thank you Gloucester County for voting during the June Primary Election.

Those who voted show they support the system of government we have in Virginia and the US.  It is our responsibility to get out and vote.  There were winners and losers in these primary elections but the voters won by makings the system work.  Those voting in the Republican primary you voted to give Ms. Theberge a well earned vacation after 14 years of dedicated service.  Those voting on the Democratic Primary you voted for who you think will best serve us if elected to office.  My focus has been on our local government and I have not looked at the state level positions yet.  Whoever we vote for should support the Virginia Constitution as written since their oath of office is to support and uphold the constitution and the Bill of Rights in its entirety.  They need to be for small government and decreasing our tax burden.  Do the candidates do this?  We have time to learn their positions between now and the first of November.

We have two people on the ballet for Gloucester County At Large Supervisor as well as those running for individual districts; we have time for them to present us their position to ensure we get one that will follow the constitution, keep our taxes and dept down and bring the county code into compliance with the Virginia Code and Constitution.

Following the Virginia Constitution is a lot of work if we want to stay Citizens and not become serfs.  Keep up the work we have started we are well on our way.

Candidates for local and state office the blog site this letter is published on will publish your position and unlike newspapers there is no cost to you.  This is what you stand for and what you will do if elected to office.  He does not look for you to provide dirt against the other candidates.

“For the Common Good. “

Alexander James Jay


Overcast, wet and windy with a chance of more to come sometime soon.
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