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In A Democracy, No Room For Patents, Copyrights or Trademarks

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Everyday we keep hearing about how we must protect our democracy.  What most people do not understand and it's by design, is that a democracy is a communist form of government, and not how the United States was founded.  The United States was founded and set up as a republic.  That republic these days is just about gone thanks to democracy.  Well if we are going to live in a democracy, then the democracy should be one that is fair and by the people for the people.

  Monopolies must then be banished to ideals and idealism of the past.  Monopolies such as the ideas and ideals of patents, copyrights and trademarks are direct conflicts with a free and fair democracy.  A free and fair democracy should embrace the concepts that all inventions are for the good of all the people and not something to be held in secrecy.  After all, if you wish to benefit mankind, you do not do so by hiding truths from your fellow man.

  Any and all secret patents should be loathed as hideous manipulations against one's fellow man and should be shunned and abolished.  Trademarks are the tools of monopolies and therefore should be ignored and abolished.  Copyrights have no place in a democracy and should equally be loathed, ignored and abolished.

  Corporations, the evil monopolies, that would argue against these ideas are becoming concepts of a past we will soon forget as we seek to wipe them from the face of the earth as they no longer have a place in modern society.  Ideas such as the federal reserve no longer have a place in the coming global communities.  Concepts such as the IRS, who's time should now be considered over, are not the ideals of a free and democratic society.

  If gas is 9.00 dollars per gallon in England, it should be 9.00 dollars per gallon in every part of the world.  If a man makes 15.00 dollars per hour in the United States, every man at every level throughout the world should make the same fair 15.00 dollars per hour without regard to what work he does, whether he be a politician or boat repairman.  No man should live in luxury above another.

  Taxes in one country should never exceed what others pay in other countries.  All people irregardless of status should pay the same fair amounts in taxes at all times.  All trade should be fair and equal.

  Secret societies must be banned and opened to the public at every level.  No more should concepts such as the Masons be allowed to maintain secret meetings or hold secret services.  We are not talking about the abolishment of the Mason's but instead the opening of the Mason's to every person.  All secrets revealed and all without cost to anyone.  If the Mason's wish to continue to operate, let them do so through the free and fair donations from those who would wish to continue to support them.

  No government should be allowed to hold anything secret.  Free and fair minds only expand through the freedom of all information.  If governments wish to track people, allow them to, however, any government that wishes to track people must share all tracking information in a free and public manner.  Gone are the days of secrets in a fair democracy.  All the world's information should be freely shared at every level.

  Let no country wage any form of war against another.  Any country that so chooses the ways of war against another should have all supplies, communications and travel cut off until they end such foolishness.  If we are to have a democracy, it can not be a partial democracy, it must be fully open free and fair.  No longer are meetings to be held by any government or any two or more people that would deem it a secret meeting.  All information must be made open at all times when it concerns nations and states.

  Concepts of power and wealth should be forever banished and loathed.  Profits need be forfeited as it would put one's status above another and could not be considered fair to that of any other person.  The manipulation of the people can no longer be considered fair and must be halted forever.  Corporations must be closed forever, never to see the light of day again as a concept.  It's facilities turned to the use of all humankind owned by the people and not the state.

  The concept of state must also be abolished and loathed as it has always been the way of manipulating the human spirit and all of mankind.

Anyone still interested in preserving democracy?
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