Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spanish Steak - Recipe Of The Day

Frying chopped onions and tomatoes in a frying pan
Frying chopped onions and tomatoes in a frying pan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Pound thoroughly by means of a saucer a half cup of flour with a pound
of round steak.

 Then over a hot fire quickly fry the steak and remove.
In the same pan fry two good-sized onions, thinly sliced, and half a
dozen good-sized tomatoes and one large mango pepper

If the pepper is mild, add cayenne pepper. When the onions begin to get soft and the tomatoes to dry, add the meat. Cook very slowly until meat is tender.
One can use canned tomatoes very nicely for this. Cook onions and
tomatoes and peppers together, with plenty of oil or crisco until they
begin to thicken. Then add the meat. This is also a very satisfactory
way of reserving cold steak or any kind of cold meat. After the tomato
and onion mixture is well cooked, add the cold meat and heat up all

Making something extraordinary tonight.  
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