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Beach couple arrested for child sex crimes

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Virginia Beach, Va. – Beach police say 38-year-old Crystal McBride sexually abused 4 under-age boys inside her home off Waverly Drive.
Police say McBride’s boyfriend, 39-year-old James Owens Jr. bought alcohol for the boys who are just 13 to 14 years old.
“Blown away,” says Jon Tari, who knows the couple and lived in down the street. “They seemed like nice people. Shocked.”
“I look back now and I’m not surprised,” says Michele Paciello, who used to be friends with McBride. “But I’m still like is this really happening.”
Paciello says she did not appreciate how McBride acted around her teenage son.  Link back to WTKR with the rest of the story and where story originated.  
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